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Venmo has a weekly spending limit of 3000. Download the apps all u need to sign up is a google voice number and valid email address once signed in you can attach up to three credit or debit cards to Venmo and the money goes instantly and appears in your destinations email address instantly. Once they sign up for a venmo account the money appears as cash in the new account. What I did was signed up for the first account sent the money to an email address of mine and then closed the first account and signed up using the email containing money for a second account.. Once I did that the balance on my account was 3000... In cash.. Now remember you can sign up for as many accounts as you want.. so three accounts would mean 9000 in one day being sent to this one email account.. At the end you would get 9000 in a new fresh venmo account.. Lets review

1. Open Venmo account
2. Send a designated email you control the maximum of 3000
3. Close first account and create second one do the same (send 3000)
4. Close second account and create a third and do the same (send 3000)
5. All of the money sent will now appear in one email address
6. Open a venmo account with the email addtess you sent the money to from all three accounts. All the money will be there as cash which you can transfer to any bank account using the routing and bank account numbers. It takes one day

Important things to remember:

1. You can only link three cards to each venmo account and no more even if you remove accounts.
2. You have to close the accounts as you use them to create the new ones and at first it only lets you sent 300 however if you verify using facebook or entering the last 4 of social, DOB, and Zip you get 3000 per week. (this info is easily obtained)
3. Only use your info including bank info on the last catch all account so you can cash out..
4. Allows you to attach credit and debit cards including american express

Its instant, quick, and in one day I created four accounts and made 12,300.00

Sending Cash Next

Square Cash:

Works almost the same as Venmo has a 2,500 weekly sending limit..

Create accounts and do the same as in Venmo only here the money gets deposited straight into your debit card that you link to your account so you have to:

1. Create at least three accounts
2. Link Debit Cards
(Only visa and mastercard debit cards allowed - no Amex or Discover and no Credit Cards)
3. Send money again to an email address that you control

1. In Square Cash you do not have to create account to accept money only link your debit card and the money is instantly transferred into your bank account. They do not have the money go into an app balance its instant into your bank..

2. Again you can add as many cards as you want no limit here except 2500 a week....... ICQ : 742125818

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Hey, i'm looking someone to donate on my charity site.
It 3D secure but easy to card with non vbv card
Share 50/50 after 48hrs
If interested contact me
ICQ 747317395
TELEGRAM @ginger
Jabber ginger@jabber.at

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he probably was banned because this method doesn’t work anymore it’s a old post that has been shared literally hundreds of times

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