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1nsider - 367111@exploit.im , 1nsider@xmpp.jp

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Hi to Admin, moderators and all carding members !
Please i need your assistance regarding Vendetta shop owner 1nsider.
I am a cc (cvv) seller in this shop.
Recently i added 759 pieces to be sold for 6$ (usd) each piece.
After my stuff was uploaded 1nsider decided to fix price to 5$ (usd) each piece.
I had no problem regarding this so i accepted with the hope we will build a good business relationship. I requested payment 100$ from my earnings, which he paid, then i requested 90$ (usd) he paid again.
My ccs has been sold out so today i wanted to ask for 1000$ (usd) or half of funds so i can add more ccs but i wasn't able because my funds disappeared ! He modified my balance from 1612$ (usd) to only a few $(usd).
Please review my problem with him because there is no way to talk nice with him. The guy treat me like i ask him for millions or i'm not sure what's his problem.
1612$ (usd) is the rest of the funds i have to receive from him.
I'm asking him here to fix this problem sending my funds asap.
I made my own researches so i found 1nsider did this to other sellers.
These are attachements with screenshots from my seller account account.


I'm waiting him to fix and send my funds asap. I'm gonna open blacklist in all forums if problem won't be fixed asap.

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Admin sir first i tried to open blacklist from my username "veni" but seems someone changed my password, perhaps thinking that will stop me to post about this?

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So, first of all this piece of shit is same as exploitbot, a scammer. I owe this guy nothing. If you look better you will see that the post is exactly the same as exploitbot posted few weeks before. This exploitbot was a support for me. So, i repeat for admins and all, i owe this guy nothing. He a scammer, even scammed many of my customer that i had to fix the problems and return credit in shops.

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If you look at both blacklists, them are the same.

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Please open blacklist on all known forums. You know whats your mistake? You should of been writing a different style that the one you used on exploitbot blacklist. Pathetic!

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Also, please show me where i have spoken with you like you ask millions. Man, you just fucked yourself up...

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What more of screenshots?
I don't know who is exploitbot it is another guy you scammed him.
Even if i had 20 seller accounts, all that matters is pay your debts don't scam people.

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Admin this is cristal clear he owes me money not 3$(usd) 50$(usd), but 1612$(usd) so now it's hard for him to pay.


Now check this and see most important thing that for 1nsider is very hard to pay the seller's share.
What other proof than screenshots where you can see with your own eyes my funds are missing?

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You dont have to stop. Post whatever the fuck you want. I am not giving you 1$. If you look on your account, the cvvs are there. Nothing is sold! You will not see a dime from me, mr Exploit. Thats my last. Everything i owed i paid. You can close blacklist.

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Nothing disappeared, stop lying and trying to be the victim.
Fuck off!


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Regarding your printscreen, you sent me 10000000 messages for the funds, same acting as exploit. I repeat, you will not see 1 fucking dime from me you filthy scammer!

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And by posting more and more and more and more... you fuck yourself more and more. You the same as that exploit. Man... stop being pathetic, i will not give you 1$ more than i owe you, and what i owed you was paid already.

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Also, your base deleted and youre banned in Vendetta. Last owe was somewhere 125$ for what sold after last payment. Fuck off piece of shit scammer!

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Also not to forget, you just registered this account, pretending to be someone else. Man, you fucked with the wrong person. Mr. Exploit, you should of been using another way of talking/writing/screening, and maybe someone believed you. And to finish all these time wasting, after all the good things i did for you, this is how you repay me! Well, go back to NOTHING bro, because thats what you will have from now on, NOTHING!

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Now people check and see what this scammer did!!!!!
He added who the hell knows what kind of bullshit in data base! After that he made another mistake!
I had 759 ccs now look at the total hahahaha pathetic scammer!
Admin if he refuse to pay me the money please ban him from the forum so other sellers won't be ripped off !
Everyone please check screenshots and see how my earned funds my balance is modified again!
Please ban him or make him pay !
Thank you in advance!

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Even if it was like you said even if i was the guy you claim i am, well then nobody give you the right to steal my funds! Wait and see how black list will be posted in all forums just watch !

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Also Admin please check this Mailer-Daemon who is and why he gave me -1 on my reputation? I never spoken with this guy or maybe this one of his dogs ?

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Waiting for Admin.......

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veniseller, Exploit, i swear to GOD you will not see 1$ from me. You're a fucking scam, a ripper, a liar, a dog that bites the hand that fed him. I repeat: IM NOT PAYING YOU 1$ more than i owe, and as far as i know, before i banned you, it was somewhere 125$. Fuck off scammer!

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I haven't stole 1$ from you, you filthy scam, fucking junkie. You stole from me thousands!!! FUCKING THOUSANDS! So fuck off, i'm done with you!

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