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pay pal credit

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This guide will give you an overview of PayPal credit accounts and what you need to do to use them
successfully. Please remember due to PayPal’s account security the more time you take cashing out your
account the more success you will have
The first thing to do before even logging into the credit account is have your setup correct for accessing
PayPal. PayPal security is constantly monitoring accounts for un-authorized access attempts, we need to
access the account from an IP address close to the accounts real location and from a browser that hasn’t
been logged into PayPal before
What you need:
• SOCKS5 (For this guide I will be using http://www.vip72.org)
• Proxifier (Download from http://www.proxifier.com)
• CCleaner (Download from http://www.piriform.com)
• Bit Bleach (Download from http://bleachbit.sourceforge.net)
• Virtual PC (Optional but highly recommended)
I use a fresh Virtual PC for each PayPal account I’m working with, it makes it easier to switch between
accounts and retain browser cookies but if you’re not using a Virtual PC program then you can
create a new windows user account on your computer for each PayPal account you are going to access
Before you start run CCleaner and then Bit Bleach to clean any browser history/cookies that could be on
your system. Next open up Proxifier which will ensure all your internet traffic is sent through SOCKS5
without leaking your real IP address to PayPal, finally open up your SOCKS5 client (In this case Vip72)
You need to select an IP address to use near the accounts real location, if you can find the town listed in
the proxy list then you might need to look on Google maps and see what the next close town is to use.
Once you have selected an IP you need to check its not blacklisted (In Vip72 you can right click the
address for a Blacklist check)
The final thing to do is change your computers time to the correct time zone for the account you are
using as this information is also broadcast by your browser. You all setup and ready to login for the first
Login and Use:
When you first login to the PayPal account you will see the accounts credit balance on the left hand side
under the accounts actual balance, since PayPal ungraded their front end dashboard sometimes the
balance doesn’t show if you are connecting from a slow proxy, you will need to click on the PayPal logo
in the top left of the screen to reload the home page for it to show if this is the case.
The main thing to remember with PayPal is to take your time, the PayPal credit involved in some
accounts can be thousands so PayPal of course have security systems in place. The biggest tool we have
to use the account is time, the longer you take before using the balance the more success you will have.
The basic idea of using the credit involves us taking over the account and then transferring the credit
balance to another PayPal account so we can spend or cash out.
To do this you need to:
1. Update the accounts email address to a fresh one you create, I normally use a yahoo mail
account as they take less than a minute to setup, once you have verified your new email address
(Click the verification email PayPal send) you need to make this address your Primary email
address and remove any other email account.
2. Update the security questions – You can do this on the security tab within PayPal and you only
need the accounts password to make these changes.
3. Wait – We have now made two big changes to the account which will have raised some security
flags, if we try to make any more changes to the account now or use the balance then an
automatic security limitation will be triggered. You will need to wait at least 48 hours for these
flags to clear but I would recommend the longer you wait the better, for example I take over
accounts and then don’t use the balance for 1 – 2 weeks.
4. Build cookies, while we are waiting for the flags to clear we can build some cookies on our
browser, this means each day (Or a couple of times a day) you need to login to the account from
the same Browser you have been using (Same Virtual PC or Windows User)
5. Transfer – After you have completed the above and been patient you can now start to transfer
the credit funds to another PayPal account to use or cash out, you need to again take your time
at this stage. If you quickly try to move thousands, you might trigger security checks. I would
recommend only transferring 25% of the funds in your first transfer, after waiting 48 hours you
can go ahead and make another transfer, you can carry on like this until you have moved all the
accounts available credit.
• Don’t change the accounts email address and password together, this always triggers a security
• If when you first login to the account, you get a screen asking you to verify your ID with either
security answers or a phone call it means you haven’t passed the location checks. Logout clean
your browser (With CCleaner and Bit Bleach) select a new IP address and try again.
• Working with static IP addresses when resting the accounts will increase the success you have.
• Depending on how old the PayPal account is you might need to add a Valid VCC to the account
to make a transfer but this isn’t always the case.
• I can’t stress enough to take your time; PayPal’s security can be very sensitive. The longer you
take the easier it will be.

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