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My personal method for Amazon

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I read all the time that Amazon is difficult to card. I don’t know if it’s just luck or a combination of my steps and luck but I’ve always been successful. Things I’ve carded have been iphones, power tools, car accessories and small items for the house. I try and card bigger items and sell them to make money and gain more experience. Ok, here goes....

What you need:
• Quality CC/CVV to an address, full name, phone number, zip code, city, and state (don’t get junk cards pay good money for good cards)
• Socks 4/5 to the state and if you can the city since that would be perfect. This sock must have never been used before so don’t be cheap and get a quality sock. Socks are just as important as quality cards!
• You will need programs to cleanup cookies and other flagging shit. Get CCleaner – get the free version it has everything you need. Get the flash cookie cleaner – it is free as well
• Antidetect 7 or FraudFox VM: These are not needed but they really increase your carding success to almost 100% if used correctly and setup properly which both are not very hard to do.
• A drop address or if your carding digital items you don’t need that.

Do this on a fresh reboot and make sure you have used ccleaner and flash cookie cleaner and they are running. Use disk cleanup in windows as well.

This method’s purpose is to basically validate your Amazon account so slow and steady wins with this method.
Go to Amazon and create a new account using the new fresh sock you have. Now you will need to act like a normal buyer, act like it’s your funds being used. Browse around for a while DO NOT jump in and buy $1000 item and wonder why you couldn’t card on Amazon.

Now add some items in your cart that are under $50, nothing huge, your not carding any of these items, were throwing off the bots. You can even put in a $100 item if you want. Just pretend this is coming out of your pocket. If your carding goal is say an IPhone X then put in some cases in your cart for iPhone 8. Throw some cases for the 8 in your cart, maybe some headphones and charger system. Then close out of your computer and go do something for a while. Forget carding, forget amazon and just go do shit.

Come back the next day, empty your cart except headphones or something under $50. Get the lowest and cheapest delivery time as it throws less of a security flag.
Now if all goes smooth then you have carded your first real item on Amazon. Now your account is trusted. I recommend using FedEx for your shipping method as it has less security compared to UPS and USPS for the real order. Yes it’s true that usps is what you’d use for illegal items like drugs since they need a warrant to open your product BUT we’re not ordering drugs. No reason to care if it’s open, our goal is to get it “fast tracked” shipped.

Now wait a day or 2 and card a total of $600-$800 dollars and it should go right through.

Max the card out as quick as you can but be inconspicuous and act like a real buyer. The security for the most part are bots and the formulas they use are really intense so when I say act like a real buyer I mean be cautious, best way to act is to mentally pretend to use your own funds or you will get limited, flagged, blocked, whatever you want to call it...FAIL.

My method has worked 90% of the time and the majority of the success of carding Is the carder himself and the setup he has. I’ve shared this with quite a few people and I’m not trying to be a dick but the times it has failed has been by a new carder and when questioned about the rundown, they forgot a step and usually that step was buying a good card.

With Antidetect or Fraudfox the carding success is closer to 95%. Amazon, eBay, and PayPal are getting harder and harder to card every day and soon it won’t be possible so please make sure everything is up to par and that you don’t skip any steps. Skipping steps Is sloppy and a sure way to fail. Any experienced carder will tell you that they didn’t jump online one day and carded thousands of dollars. If you don’t have patience, can’t follow directions and want to use cheap cards to save a few bucks then you will fail.

If this method doesn’t work go back and check your set up. Make sure you check to see if you IP leaking cause that would throw a flag as well: https://www.dnsleaktest.com

Good luck guys.

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Seems like water.
Every ProCardGuy told the same things about any shop.
You should use Antidetect, buy clear socks and imitate the real buyer.
"My method has worked 90% of the time and"
That's fun.
About Amazon.
After your steps.You will receive email "Your Amazon.com order cannot be shipped"

There was a problem confirming your payment information. We have removed your access to this account because we could not confirm your payment information. You will not be able to access your account or place orders with us until we verify your information.

To resolve this issue, please send the information below to our secure fax line:

-- A copy of your statement for your visa ending in 79, including the billing address.
-- Your name, phone number, and the email address registered to your Amazon.com account.

You can find our fax number on the Amazon.com Help page:

We will convert your fax to a secure electronic image. To protect your information, we restrict access to your payment information to a team of account specialists. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Our Customer Service team can confirm that we sent this email, but they cannot view your fax or share more information about this issue.

You can expect a response from us within 24 hours of sending your fax.

We ask that you not open new accounts because any new order that you place may be delayed.


Account Specialist

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Think , if everyone is using the same setup eventually they all get flagged.

3D Canvas- of the setup is kept.


Ironically, carding amazon is actually easier than most of you think.

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