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  1. Norway transfer drop needed

    10k crones and 25%? LOL total amount less than 1k euros and your share for burned acc 250 euros? ho would burn acc for that shit?
  2. kak i govoritsa, nuzen pochtovij label. is nl v fr. pm
  3. shto dlia tebia lux brendi? )) adidas?
  4. strange coincidence or? sofpodenije ili?

    zametil ochen interesnuju figniu -nikogo obviniat nebudu - no slishkom uz vsio odinakovo. obratite vnimanija na dati registraciji etix servisov i tex kto ostavlial komenti. smotria na eto mozesh padumat shto etot mesiac, ili dva bili besplatnoj registraciji i vse zaregalis togda praktichiski vse stuff droppi po usa kak odin https://club2crd.cc/showthread.php?t=1277 https://club2crd.cc/showthread.php?t=3994 https://club2crd.cc/showthread.php?t=137 https://club2crd.cc/showthread.php?t=31657 https://club2crd.cc/showthread.php?t=119 https://club2crd.cc/showthread.php?t=714 obratite vnimanije tolka na dati registraciji service providerov i tex kto kometirujut.. ochen strano ))
  5. )) understand. thanks anyway
  6. i was reading it some time ago. was thinking maybe something has changed ) friend of mine did successfully cashed 201 d p from atm in uk - that is why i am asking ) and he saw that cards were encoded with that soft.
  7. to encode track 2 to chip? as this soft shows that it can write chip from track 2??
  8. i am talking bout 201 and so on.. if i get d p and they are chip 201 cards and so on when encoding chip with that soft, can i cash d p from atm? i am asking because a friend of mine cashed uk d p in uk, and he say that cars where written with that soft :O
  9. hey guys,, any idea how that works? does atm authorize transactions with pin ( chip and pin system countries, uk especially) written with that soft to chip? or it's useless?
  10. UK NON VBV BINS 2018

    been working with some of those bins, many vbv by now. but still few non vbv left
  11. anyone know old FE shop domain

    feshop=ripper shop
  12. Always hitting VBV ? What am i doing wrong?

    not all )) you still can find many non vbv
  13. info needed

    anyone knows any prepaid card with online access that does not require to much documents for verification. for personal use.