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  1. Alipako - N/A

    you are crazy, fatboy. admins I wait your decision
  2. Alipako - N/A

    I think you was scammed by someone esle - not me
  3. Alipako - N/A

    man, tell me your nickname in jabber and paste the logs. I am online in jabber but I don't know who are you
  4. Alipako - N/A

    send me your jabber - I don't know who are you
  5. Alipako - N/A

    who are you ? post logs and write me in jabber
  6. berndsteiner - berndsteiner@xmpp.jp

    anyway already blacklisted...
  7. berndsteiner - berndsteiner@xmpp.jp

    berndsteiner ripped me off on 13k$ first I gave him 10 d+p for cashout - after cashout he pay me my share, second time when I give him 22 d+p he went offline and never come again ammount of claim is 13k - 4k (pledge for first time working) = 9000 USD I know he is ripper, ban this bitch !!!!
  8. сложно на идеало зайти и 80% посчитать?