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  1. All In-store Credit Workers!!!

    are your profiles special with these profiles you must take over the phone line 100% to get any type of approval if you can’t provide this it no point of asking for workers bro
  2. CLAIM : FATBOY111 . $1600

    Why are you lying lol it’s no point in lying bro I’m adding you from other telegram you blocked me but here for all forum to see this guy is a clown admin close this thread end this this messing up my business http://prnt.sc/q06k2t
  3. CLAIM : FATBOY111 . $1600

    Provide him statements send him screen shots of convo so mark can see your lying asshole people work with me on accounts here already I never rip i dont know why this thread not closed yet this is nonsense Добавлено через 2 минуты 12 секунд And make you know why he can’t send you logs because he deleted all the logs from telegram convo to show he is a waste of time
  4. CLAIM : FATBOY111 . $1600

    Admin I can answer that he ask for account I gave him it three days later he tells me money isn’t coming next day no communication or knowledge of telling me he’s using account please admin close this thread and clear my name
  5. CLAIM : FATBOY111 . $1600

    He’s lying I don’t even know who that is admin anyways we await your decision
  6. CLAIM : FATBOY111 . $1600

    Now you just making stuff up in your own head lmaooooo you are a silly guy don’t worry Admin will soon be here and clear my bame
  7. CLAIM : FATBOY111 . $1600

    You talk to much just wait for admin to make his decision I already proposed what I can do I’m not paying for Miscommunication no way you told me in two days after I sent info money was coming like what and only wrote me one time Let admin decide
  8. CLAIM : FATBOY111 . $1600

    Admin he never respond to me didn’t know he was using account kame two days later saying he is sending money there when we already used account the best I can do is give him another account and give him full % of share I did not know he was serious about business tells me two days later he used account I don’t lie and never will lie they deposit inflicted with the same day he loaded I didn’t know he was going to use account you can ask him yourself I don’t wait for people I just load my accounts I get other people on here can vouch and know I send share I make these online like it’s nothing
  9. Looking for Bank Account Fullz

    I’m looking for the same thing I can cash all suntrust
  10. What can i use to call the bank

    Thank you check pm brother
  11. What can i use to call the bank

    check pm brother please
  12. What can i use to call the bank

    send me pm bro i dont understand
  13. What can i use to call the bank

    is there any app or anything i can use to call the bank and remain anonymous alot of apps i use now block to call bank number