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  1. atm jackpotting is very easy

    Посредник и пиздабол нахуй вы его слушаете!!!
  2. atm jackpotting is very easy

    it doesn’t work with the firewall turned on so forget about it shit
  3. Знаю человека не по наслышке, раньше с ним сам работал, щас дампами не занимаюсь но знаю, что сделает всё быстро и качественно и вы останетесь довольны. Рекомендую!!!
  4. поработать пару дней официантом в кафе.
  5. ну раз есть работай =)
  6. Unloading ATM machines

    Your head does not work, everything works for me, idiot !
  7. Unloading ATM machines

    jabber my profile! no ICQ!
  8. Unloading ATM machines

    Модераторы. Почистите пожалуйста тему от грязи. Спасибо!
  9. Unloading ATM machines

    You have never worked and you do not know how to bypass a similar situation, so shut up and stop the flood!
  10. Unloading ATM machines

    Yeah, really, you probably have problems with your head!
  11. Unloading ATM machines

    he who works himself must take care of his safety. I’m not pushing anyone for this job, the choice is yours. My tool is private on 3 models of ATM, you do not have it and will not!
  12. Unloading ATM machines

    you have been refused work and you are getting out of your way, I am not at all interested in what you are saying, you have refused to work under my conditions, so get out!