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  1. Looking for shop w cheap good credit fullz

    http://n1name.su has good fullz
  2. Thanks bro i got it good lookin
  3. LongMoney, Share me some bins for dumps with pin. Thanks in advance Send in PM
  4. rivanduong, Carder007.net have fire RDP
  5. Magic dumps weekend result: California mix 66/100, 350-450 swipe China 101 28/50 1300- 1800 swipe A Joker for dumps weekend result: Maryland mix 7/20 no refund. made good profit tho A Santa my specific bin 6/10 eu bin 800-1000 swipe A
  6. You right bro. Show proof @Topper Johnson
  7. Ya'll don't fuck listen to Toper Johnson, He don't know what he saying this proof of MsgicDumps . His a Cerifieed vendor on omerta and have good feedbacks This proof: http://prntscr.com/g8v6zj
  8. 32/50 EU run for the day 14/40 China mix kinda made good profit Magic dumps A
  9. when we help one another everybody wins, I'm fucking with Joker/Santa/MagicDumps right moment. I Vouch for magic cause he kept me winning all this month.. Any bin that swing for 2k ?