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  1. CC to BTC

    This video is not made by me, i found it on other forum. And yea, carding btcs need ID.
  2. CC to BTC

  3. Carding

    Hello dear fraudsters, im looking for someone who is able to card something for me and its digital good. Im willing to pay good $ for it. For more info send me PM. regards.
  4. Bitcoin plastic cards

    If you have bitcoin plastic card that you want to sell or you can order one or more please send PM. In case you already have card which you want to sell: - Your card should be verified or you should be able to verify it in 48 hours after you message me - I will ask for login details in case you say card is verfied already - No money will be sent upfront - You can go with any escrow you wish - After we finish deal for one card, you will be asked for more cards. - Good profit for you guaranteed! For any other info please send PM here.
  5. Bitcoin plastic cards

  6. Bitcoin plastic cards

    Hello WWW, please make difference between bumping and clearing things out, so i dont get scamed again. Peace.
  7. Bitcoin plastic cards

  8. Bitcoin plastic cards

    Bump, still looking for one (you can sell your card to) PM me for details!
  9. Bitcoin plastic cards

    Hello dear fraudsters. I'm looking for someone who is able to order Bitcoin plastic card and ship it to my drop. I'm offering good payment for this up to $500-$700. All info in PM.
  10. Buying your SMS gateway

    Hello dear fraudsters Im looking to buy your SMS gatway enough for 100-150 sms messages for start. I can pay up to $0.90 per each SMS, in case your gateway is good up to $1 later. Send your offers in PM or @jabber botox@exploit.im
  11. Very good vendor, everything correct and on time. Highly recommend work with this guy. A