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  1. Strong advice for noobs

    This is a breakdown of real trappers vs rippers... Most of these dudes on fourms are just rippers lying like their trappers to try to lure you in to take your honest trap money.. 3/4th of the niggas on here that be talking about all the money they get and hyping up a small bullshit vendors be all rippers.... Which is sad because as a newbie u wont kno who to trust. I suggest to all the newbies if you are not trying to get ripped start with brians, joker, buybest or rescator. They are also more vendors out there thats good but i just wanna keep it short. Dont trust no one who is telling you to spend your money ive been trapping for more then 5 years and if you dont kno niggas personally DO NOT TRUST THESE NIGGAS...
  2. Extend332 - icq 832161

    Just got refunded by Extend332.. Like I said before I brought from him in the past so I did not get what was going on but we spoke again on icq and it was a big misunderstanding he probably thought I was tryna get over on him lol but he definitely owned up and fixed the problem we had....SO IM HAPPY TO SAY PROBLEM SOLVED!!
  3. Extend332 - icq 832161

    more pics 2
  4. Extend332 - icq 832161

    his link is https://crdclub.cc/member.php?u=115744 his icq is 832161 my icq is 727711797 i tried to upload videos but it was too large so i have pics from my phone
  5. Extend332 - icq 832161

    I have video proof of the whole thread on icq which he sold me artificial generated tracks this guy extend332 did not care to refund or replace any of the tracks that was coming up error on the pos system when I went in the store and error on the online checker. He sold me 2 pcs before 1 of them declined and the other one approved on checker but declined in the store so I gave him the benefit of the doubt.. I did not expect him to just rob me for my money (130) when he was ok before plus so much good feedback on this forums.