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    you want something for nothing? i think if you show yourself like this stupid then you should get raped ....lol Add deposit here if you serious
  2. any good legit dumps probiders?

    @ any good dumps provider? I see many shops but wich shops are legit and good.? Any recomendations? - thnks !
  3. airnb cashers.needed asap!!

    I gave him bank drop. He said will transfer 2k. But only he managed to transfer 900. So its less then 1k. Then he said coz of tight security. This guy should learn how to do proper transfers. dont say you can do big but you only do small
  4. need UK bank load

    Uk is not active anymore. transfers works only,usa,ca and au. uk is done!!
  5. i need asap usa bank drops.

    ymou are new member. I neeed older member with good rep. For this job. Otgerwise deposit money here then we talk Добавлено через 1 минуту 54 секунды Anyone who is new member without good rwferenxes. must deposit and we deal only escrow Добавлено через 7 минут 58 секунд conditions !!! No small test transfers. Without escrow or good rep. you serious we work long term and only usa drops. i dont ask u bs like upfront payment or etc. Im just looking reliable good partner who will cash out. Thats it !!
  6. i need asap usa bank drops.

    Coated you are junior member!! No way i will trust you!! Only members with rep and good references !! I might just burn my money..lol. still looking good partners
  7. i need asap usa bank drops.

    I neeed asap Usa bank drops.personal accounts ok. large ammounts up to 50k. Easy !! % negotiable !! only for older members with references and experince.pm.

    Leavi it...its not even worted to discuss with so many words..just forget about it.what i said..never..mind

    If escrow steal from you then its same like thiev steal from other thief. by highest law,thief can not steal from other thiefs. criminals should trust other criminals. so you should trust escrow i think. if you cant trust even escrow...then its end of business. i think you talk too much.
  10. NEW RELEASE - Katrina v3.0

    If anyone promote something like this then first should tell us about your nicknames,references and etc.
  11. uk non vbv bin?

    Uk bins are vbv!! uk very hard to use cvv. however u can book flight tickets its less security. Добавлено через 15 секунд Uk bins are vbv!! uk very hard to use cvv. however u can book flight tickets its less security.
  12. need wu/mg uk ca us drops.

    Wu/mg drops. money must be picked up by the name i provide. New members dont contact !! Only for older members
  13. Do you need stuff drops ? Np i can do it / watches/electronics and etc. if you serious we do escrow !!
  14. partner needed for bank drop and cashout

    if you serious you use Escrow!! You can trust only very old member without escrow With long history and good reputation. Other way its not work out !!!
  15. new to dumps

    So is there any way to make card with chip. have pin code and go to shop to buy stuff. any ways? If so then its good