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  1. Program's Emv's

  2. chipso is just a big HOAX , they use other method not discosure to public audience
  3. I am looking for partners in JAPAN

    i receive -4 reputation from 4 PIGS who claim i am from Israel I am not from israel , i just look for israelians who can do their job in their countrys The pigs who give me fake rep i will send them to the admin of the forum to ban them ! Look at the date and the hour : -1 people from israel who can cashout dp 11-08-2019 13:49 simioni viva palestine -1 Подлинность магазина 11-08-2019 13:46 relaynode bich -1 people from israel who can cashout dp 11-08-2019 13:42 naturebounty fuck u israelian pig -1 people from israel who can cashout dp 11-08-2019 13:19 TURN fuck israel
  4. I am looking for partners in JAPAN

    I am looking for partners in JAPAN ( real japanese i prefer ) for instore carding in Tokyo or Osaka please message me with your contact mushi mushi
  5. i need POS owner for big swipes

    soccorio stay the fuck away from me , you already rip me once for 6000$ with your shitty software
  6. i need POS owner for big swipes

    because this are not static bins i try and didnt work
  7. i need POS owner for big swipes

    i have some europeans track2 (201,221,220) with pin that i need to cashout them in POS ! i am looking for pos owners with big bussines the cards have big balance before we start something i need some proofs that you actually you are a pro and the real deal i am looking for ! I am not new in this game Indians stay away from me !
  8. Free Korea dumps

    beware of him , he wants payment upfront deposit and the dumps he post it all are dead in checker
  9. Dumps cashiers needed

    does your usa tracks come with t1 ?
  10. EMV chip AQRC generate

    smartcard whats your point exactly ? do you have any solution for emv ? you break the chip tech ? a lot of people wait for the big news and maybe you know something that not everybody know
  11. Cutlet maker EMV CHIP

    Are you mentally insane ? Stop believe in fairy tales ! theres no such thing
  12. Looking for partners in Australia

    people from australia contact me with jabber i have a bussines proposal
  13. I need China's T2+PIN

    i have china unionpay with pin like this : 6222021001069138169=49121206249991919 196317 6228481768221950174=24022208885340000- 907126 6222001001107611494=07011202319991764- 561015 6222021001027898656=27022204279991768 901643 6214180100000149261=22052205112870000 394780 6222021001042449865=49121205989991706- 000694
  14. skimming and writing dumps

    whats with this stupid questions ? the answer is YES to all your questions
  15. Japanese cashiers looking for cooperation with Japanese dumps

    this guy is a ripper BEWARE !!! he rip with 150$ from the cashout of 4 japan dumps !