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  1. Tam tolka yesli banditsmi stazu rabotat, melkiye tebya pravilna skazal na britvu kinut, ani zhe tam 50$ ubit gatovi, prikali ti 5k $ skinul emu loll
  2. Need 2-3 Brand new Americans

    Totally horseshit this kind guys shud be ban right awayfor waste a time
  3. Iphone unlock helps

    Go to some local phone fix and he will doit for you.
  4. Tozhe neatkazalsa, no kak ya pasmatrel tolka na kidalu mozhna papast.
  5. Ti samno mozhet snachala radchitaisa i tagda isho shtota pradavai!
  6. Ya zhdu na chelllu shtob dastatj za shto zaplati! Zavtra uzhe ponedelnik!
  7. airnb cashers.needed asap!!

    How airbnb system sets that your account is strong or no ‍♀️?
  8. Is VPN actually necessary ?!?

    Omg jesus infermo, i know you drom ninja times and on many boarda..But not sure all big usernames are Legit after all big TOR sites crackdown during this year. )) floooding loll. It was not answer , but question. And real , you wan a me say he changes phone every week, basecly its same like old vpn who was used by someone before. And lets rewiev this: If someone whors with somwthing he works in bikes , or car parts, or restaurants, or booking systems are based on o e processors then once you usee your thing in some time gets just autodecline do what you wanna do. You not seem this days bikes have one processor mainly , parts work on diferent processor, food and restaurant chains also have monopoll in provessing and so on and on... Same is buy vpn but someone already booked airline flight for same airline what you wanted to book. Regarding: ccs dumps etc who needs vpn for that shit if you use prepaid phone wifi, nobody will pin you down to your tower to get your ass. Regarding : phone and costs maintein the regular work on ihopne. Plus from question his i made out its someone who started do his thing if he asks about security, what you shud learn from A-Z before get involved in such activities. And at end i think its nothing serius unless you have contract phone And your ip loll And versa ending , still curius , what you ordering there , food, and attractivieties.?? Ps Infermo rassiya chempion brat, i ya tebye ne flooder.
  9. Is VPN actually necessary ?!?

    You wanna say you keep using same iphone over and over at same website and its still ships for you?
  10. Online carding has humbled me.

    Wolf pack you took a time i see here to explain all this. 1
  11. Tap and Pay 2017 Method.

    4years 😂😂😂
  12. NFC pay apps aka "tap and pay"

    Loll hi is from cosmos or im stupid... how he wants add card with phone verification... or he wanna say there is app on play store where you can add card without any verification 😂😂😂😂???