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  1. nebes ,I have 40k email base corp from companies from south korea The emails are not organized How does the spam service work? write please
  2. BulletProof Server - LOW PRICE

    Hey Sr.botnet, pay my money back fucking scammer Hey guys, I hacked this scammer known as Sr.botnet I hack his website, I hack his personal pc I did business with this ripper, he rip me $ 80 I'm waiting for you to send my 80$ Sr.botnet, send me the 80 $ here 15SRPVrJREd5MpVuouEh5PAmVe79TErS27 If you do not send my money in a few hours I will write your personal and private information here I'll send your personal info to krebs and to the feds Soon gangsters gonna rape you in jail, you'll be the gangsters bitch Pay my money back your cheap ripper, motherfucker, I'm going to fuck your life I'm waiting Sr.botnet
  3. Treasure Hunter 0.8Alpha pos malware

    I HAVE RDP WITH POS SYSTEM,HIT ME IN JABBER loads_install@exploit.im
  4. Store:https://magbo.cc - http://magbocc3tco4vmxx.onion/login Invitation QLAIZT7AMR K94XGNSUIG 8SBW79WHKM Enjoy))
  5. Botnet Load Services

    Priçes?, jabber?
  6. Andromeda Botnet

    So you were from Ares's team, and what do you mean? Were you one of the coders behind andromeda bot? Can you write bank draft trojans or lockers written in c and php?
  7. Selling Rat - Hidden Remote Desktop (RDP)

    Yes,of course Hit me in jabber,please
  8. Selling Rat - Hidden Remote Desktop (RDP)

    Compatible with desktop and server Windows XP\V\7\8\8.1\10 2000\2003\2008\2012\2016 x86\x64 architecture System information Processor type Processor speed Videodrivers Screen resolution RAM Hard drives and partitions Network Interfaces Windows Firewall mode and profiles Windows RDP server mode OS architecture OS localization System folders paths Uptime, Host name Users list Logined user User rights System date \ time. Files manager Download Upload Run Rename Delete. Screenshots manager Process Manager Getting process list killing process. Network Interfaces Adapter model Ip address Passwords manager Stealer modul updated ReversAnt module Reverse connection based on socks5 + protocol RDP Server module; deployment \ disabling of the standart He is disablef for default after installation. Topical only for demonstration, screen, and all details on the jabber Full license Price: 650$,rebuild\update price:10 usd,all moduls included Jabber:seller77@zloy.im Jid2:seller77@xmpp.jp
  9. MagicBot Service -Bot/Installs/Loads

    Accept guarant/escrow? If yes I will buy some install of you,I'll write my feedback here later.
  10. loads

    This is the only install shop i know https://i.imgur.com/CWde9Ry.jpg link:http://install-service.b0ne.com/signup.php http://install-service.b0ne.com/index.php The prices are fucking expensive, "and I do not trust the author" (agressor) because I've seen many problems with him in several forums *(BEWARE) Anyway, go at your own risk or you can talk to the author in the jabber, and "use the guarantor for your safety" anyway the prices are not adequate 3k $ per 1k install usa? , This is crazy, this does not exist, fuck it Enjoy my advice