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  1. need dumps cashier for high amounts 50k+,

    First of all he doesn't know the balances...secondly im 100% sure he buys from online dump shops and act bigtime trying his luck at the expensive of ur pos...all the time saying talk less etc etc and they such a big group of proffesionals acting all gangster in the world of skimming and dumps..lol ..this dude will just burn ur pos with his dead dumps (pick up card)... Look at him saying 50k swipe..pfffft...oh please I tested on all 6 of our pos...its bad as fuck... All logs and videos to proof what I say here...
  2. Terminal 6?

    Im sure he call it musical chip since this records audio files, the pros called it audio readers..audio readers (like t6) is a must on atms like ncr since it has a technology employed which is called jitter, or on diebold interrupted swipes...so Msrv readers or in other words flash readers is useless on those atms becsuse flash readers cant properly read those swipes... Especially not jitter...
  3. Terminal 6?

    Guys this in the picture is not terminal 6... Its some custom made reader, the chip code looks like that used on t7...I have 20 terminal 6 reader...also few other reader customs...but this is not the common T6 reader...this one on the pic is much bigger because the bigger the width and lenght the thinner it can be made...but i have revised t6 which is 1mm thin good for deep inserts
  4. Emv china

    I try sell u V8????? Hahaha where is the fucking logs??? U are soccorio...100% for sure, trying to sell ur shit here again... Why dont u accept escrow simple story...???? I dont even fuck with emv software bitch...why would I try sell such shit??? Добавлено через 2 минуты 50 секунд I dont even fuck with emv shit...emv has been a big ripping tool to rip newbies... Fuck you and fuck emv sellers who dont accept escrow here or any other reputable forum
  5. Emv china

    Its soccorio = scammer

    Shame another asshole who is just a forum warrior. All make assumptions but no proof in the pudding. Once again im gladly accepting escrow. Period!

    Why dont u show us the screenshot of me being on lampeduza...show us link or what ever u wana show megaman being labelled ripper man... Geez im trying to sell off readers that laying around now I have all these haters on here. Just because its a big bargain... Fuck all ya'll If here is any buyer on here for the readers let me know and I will glad accept escrow dea. Fucking gladly!!! no excuse whatsoever...

    !!!!HUGE BARGAIN!!!!! Hi guys I have 10 x revised t6 readers for sale aswell as 20 x 1mm magnetic heads. One of these skimmer readers on websites like msrtron.com sell for more then 450usd each. And magnetic heads sell from 70-100usd each. If you know your stuff when comes to these readers and magnetic heads you will know this readers can be used from normal bezel skimmers to deep insert skimmers because its extremely small and thin. My total price for everything today is 1200$ or lets talk. MegaMan@jabber.ru Dont pm me contact me directly on my jabber. Somehow I cannot upload pics to this post, so pics available to serious buyer on request. FIRST COME FIRST SERVE!!!
  9. Dump and pin cashier needed urgently!!!

    LOL. I mean to say He mean to say his bins is not working in india, and not dp not working in india, He mean to say " my bins are close india" should be in his thread
  10. Dump and pin cashier needed urgently!!!

    I mean to say my bins are close in India..sorry.
  11. NCR and Deep insert skimmers

    Which audio readers are u talking about??? Becuase surely u not talking about terminal 6 or 7 readers...and when u speak about rafeal10 u speak about a person that manufacturer cheap go to jail skimmers... He mostly deal with bezels...those cheap ones he buy off alibaba.com. And uses those cheap w*2***( im almost sure this is the reader u refering to). readers which run with SD cards..
  12. ***URGENT*** Any person in China, especially Hong Kong please get in touch with me. Jabber: MegaMan@jabber.ru
  13. X2 chip software

    Since when is dumping interest only emv???? I thought he does only insert skimmers. You register just last month how you know all these rippers???? Seem me you also a clone. Fuck this emv software is all bullshit! Every single one of them
  14. need a little help please !!

    201 or 101??