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  1. aka_k4 - [email protected]

    Вообще похуй.
  2. норм тралит, почти верится в таких сказочных долбоебов
  3. Что тебе мешает на скупов кардить вещи, потом накопить на машину и купить ее за чистые? С немцами шутки плохи, говорю с опыта людей, кто был слишком легкомысленным в этом плане.
  4. Давай, с немцев в прибалтику - вперед. Только заранее родных предупреди, что за тобой приедут скоро)
  5. The game finally dead men!

    most of the old timers are eating whatever they wish to eat while you sit here and find an excuse to not work your ass off. Old timers are deep deep in the private. P.S. Схуяли поднимают старые темы?
  6. Amazon carding 2k18

    It's much more chance if u card amazon UK with uk cc and ship to baltics/cis(belarus,ukraine). More chance for a "luckshot"
  7. 1cc live for more then 6week

    my personal best was a month but daily limit there was smth around 500eur, still felt like magic congrats with the lucky one
  8. Uk cc No state?

    Well just.... google the address and city and find the state.
  9. What coins you hold ?

    Gold Coins
  10. Rip liberty reserve

    Were you in the cave all those years?
  11. the economic crash is coming soon

    this reply just shows how financially uneducated you are. If you want to make money then at least educate yourself about what money is. Even if you're going to steal it
  12. the economic crash is coming soon

    ye, everyone is going to lose. since somehow most if not all currencies are bond to usd. cryptocurrecies are the same fiat as usd,eur,gbp. Worthless nothing. Gold,Silver is the way to be.
  13. the economic crash is coming soon

    If usa gonna screw up their monetary stuff once again then ye, the whole world is fucked again. "the economy is the strongest its ever been worldwide" remember 2008 and learn some economical history. The best time to flop is 2020-2030. Collect some gold meanwhile, real money that never fail.
  14. Rippers here

    So what's the exact point of this topic? If let's say I recommended jstash to someone in chat and he bought a card, fucked up the basics and failed to make profit out of that then this shop and myself are scammers? Are you dumb or dumb?
  15. Благотвоительней фонд club2crd

    скинул бы, но только Маку.