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  1. Buy skimmer from ebay !

    if you take the money out of europe with dumps and you show me I give you 50,000 € 201 ATM anyone from here will give you 50k if you find atm non emv in europe
  2. Buy skimmer from ebay !

    max this guy is crazy , I told him that it doesn't work in Europe but he said
  3. dumps shop hacked.

    Yeess Добавлено через 2 минуты 5 секунд Pm me bro

    I can build audio based skimmer for you Leave here you jabber !
  5. Bank transfer !

    I can receive bank transfer 50 % only amounts over 15000 $ Im based in germany
  6. Ebay Method !

    recently I bought something from ebay in the evening I ordered the money in the morning they were out of account (With bank account) , Nothing about security appeared.
  7. Ebay Method !

    why not put an item for sale on ebay and pay with cc then the money is directly in your account? I think we can get bank accounts with a fake ID (in Europe) if you make a lot of money. we can talk about it , pm me !
  8. Buy skimmer from ebay !

    i can also pay for a tutorial to do msr !
  9. Buy skimmer from ebay !

  10. Buy skimmer from ebay !

    where can i buy a good msr ?
  11. Buy skimmer from ebay !

    what's your opinion about msr from ebay? they are good or bullshit
  12. Sell skimmer ! Tutorial skimmer !

    I can make overlay audio skimmer for you ! without a camera Price 500$ BTC Payament first Please don't waste my time. I can give you a tutorial for make a skimmer step by step for 250$ BTC Thank u
  13. Sale skimmers

    What magnetic head you use? i dont found a small magnetic head
  14. Audio Decode software

    Iseeyou , i record with audacity . I thought that with that in decoding
  15. Audio Decode software

    https://www.cardreadertech.com/produ...ve-ascii-text/ anyone try this?