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  1. In what format your logs come? do you have sample?
  2. You are a fucking kid and a scammer. I have exposed you. you PM'ed me with ur other jabber. He will see tis via admin access of the forum. unlucky you RAT. enjoy the 300 usd
  3. Nice Try, See screenshot. This fucking scammer sent me his other jabber when exploit server went down via PM. https://ibb.co/tC7KhGQ please ban him asap so he doesnt fuck other genuine members. user: AnalPunisher228 is also his second account which i am sure he is using to rip more people.
  4. Guys becareful from this scammer who claims to have loads from botnet. He posts free stuff he takes from other forums / sources and pretends he has them . DO NOT SEND HIM ANY MONEY AS YOU WILL NEVER SEE YOUR MONEY AGAIN. ASK ME AND I WILL POST OR PM PROOF . THIS GUY IS A SCAMMER. HIS PROFILE: https://crdclub.cc/member.php?u=149511