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  1. EU DUMPS T2 + PIN

    Do u know anywhere in EU?
  2. EU DUMPS T2 + PIN

    Telegram @recreio
  3. EU DUMPS T2 + PIN

    Someone do knows what EU countries works dumps track 2 with pin? In UK doesn't work at all... I'm using the method malfunction emv and writing on magnetic stripe track 2 only and I got decline every time... I belive the authentication of the transaction only made in emv... atms in uk still cashing out on magstripe? If yes where r they? Thanks everyone. I got dumps with pin if u wanna buy... I know how hard it's to find good dumps so I want to help!!!!
  4. Uk carding big balances

    Anyone from UK to help a Brother with emv cards? Thanks,
  5. UK DUMPS BIN 529932

    Looking for a help any chance? Thanks
  6. uk d+p atm cashout

    did u guys succeed with d pin in uk? Any change for a help... Thanks