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    Awesome share, thanks man
  2. Serious Cashiers Only.

    Hey, I can't PM yet but I'm in FL if you have something we can work on together.
  3. Paypal logs and bank logs with balances for sale!

    I haven't been part of the game for quite a while but I just spent 3 weeks stockpiling some chase logs and paypal logs with pretty good balances from my spamming set up (any paypal account over $3,000 balance is not for sale, those I keep and work myself). Plenty are up for sale, partners are considered if you're bringing something useful into the deal. Send me you ICQ or message me here. You can contact me on jabber - curtislowe34@xabber.org Telegram - Altooid
  4. CASHIERS WANTED 201+P (no Indians)

    maxmalesya, still looking? My jabber is curtislowe34@xabber.org
  5. NEED D+P 201 Cashout

    If you still need someone I'm always available.