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  1. Socks5/Vpn

    VPN is nothing for carding no good at all as all sites now can easly figure that you are using a VPN it mostly protect your PC to not be open but will not be useful at all for carding .. For carding you should use VPS / RDP SOCKS ( VIP72 perfbly ) ccleaner If you just start with it and dont have much $ to invest to buy fixer's etc..
  2. i have 2 GB PostgreSQL database, need help

    We can fix it for you just leave me your conntact as your PM doesnt work..
  3. Gmail sentry mba

    the thing you want to do is BRUTE , tou need WORD password list to add in base , and then group your targeted emails with it , and brute the mix , but still you can find problem because of authorize gmails has with SMS confirmationt's
  4. im newbie. help me please

    Vip72 is still pretty fine for carding , just in last time they having toruble with alot isntant blacklisted socks so always check are socks clean Make sure the card adress and ZIP matches in most time people dont check areas and card got listed And if you new to carding that site make sure you try difrent methods
  5. Not for Children only for pros

    Frist note wich country bin you want UK , US , CA etc.. But just BIN cant always mean it has alot of balance This one usualy can be good 463576 , and also master cards bins that start with 5460( usualy paltinum US NON VBV pretty good balance cards but not easy to find..
  6. Very Stupid Question

    Well , HAVIJ and carding have nothing , as havij is SQL injection tool , you probly have miss writed it , you need a hackin toool , you can try using SQL dumper / SQL mapp if know do into the CMD with python etc for setup , but easier way to start with SQL dumper , and then move to SQL map etc.. , but when workin with SQL dumper / SQL MAP / HAVIJ , make sure that you know how to work with droks if you not good with droks then frist do study on writing the droks and how to write em
  7. New Carder questions

    Lol do not agree , it is never to late to learn this game..
  8. I need Balance Checker

    Do not try check your normal CVV , unless it is fullz cc so you can check via PHONE , if you check balance on online chekers it usualy gonna kill your card / blacklist it..
  9. Whats Better?

    tr2check in my opniion as their gates somehow manage to always be clean , about luxchecker didnt need to test as try2check is pretty clean and in my opinion still one the best outside..
  10. Online carding has humbled me.

    Well frist , this days to card E-gift cards is not that easy as it used to be lets say back to 2011 - 2012 - 2013 etc.. like from what you have write no one cant help alot frist , you didnt write specificly with e-gift cards you want to write , but alot of NEWB's using to try and try to card walmart / amazon the sites that is currently most hard to card , frist you need to find new sites and get effectily what you want to do like make a plan and do other small sites like , e gifts for spotrt shops or e gift for movies etc , if you want to card major sites you will have to improve your self alot and to spare alot of time to find a way as in 2019 it is pretty hard to be done , but there other ways like i said you that you need to think about and get started , also in your post when you write note that what you trying to card and to get help off , also avoid to pay someone for help on any forum as it mostly gona be a scam , so i will guide you trough some steps but you need to find your own way how you gonna be suces into it , frist you need RDP / VPS , use clean VIP72 socks check them are they blacklisted or not thats most importnat , clean your cookies always with CC cleaner , keep in mind that CC must be live and to have adress right ( it usualy can be noticed by ZIP area ) , avoid to card amazon , walmart , target e-gift cards / itunes etc , try with smaller sites and find your way into this world..
  11. I need to find a method

    Rapha , read the form theard into this section , you will see many usefull posts with SQL dumper / droks , with fake page you mean pshi / fishing / spamming you need to put a realy decent amount of time into study all those to get in right way ..
  12. what's your recommended cc shop

    Best advice i can say you from my personal view , is to try find the vendor that selling and try avoid the sites as alot of resellers and cards goin hand to hand pretty hard this days to find decents sites to get waht you want to not waste ton of time after try and try..
  13. usa bins for non usa merch

    That is because of their site merchant policy , but there is 2 types can you maybe pust a screen shot of the full say , might have solution
  14. Looking for CC AutoShop/Vendor Scripts or etc

    Best way possible is to HIRE coder to do one for you from scrach , mostly ones you gonna find for free or cheap , are backdored non updated easy to be vulnerable / exploit , and you will lose alot of time with it ..
  15. BOTSHOP Installs / Loads / Update

    Exploit ki's
  16. BOTSHOP Installs / Loads / Update

    Im selling loads / installs , the logs you will recive are pure unique logs Price Listing: 0.60$ Installs 1$ GEO TARGET installs Minimum order 100x mix Countries - US , UK , CA , NETH etc.. Escrow is ofcourse accepted Conntact : yourside@jabb.im NOTE: Please do no add if you just want to talk / time waste ..

    The point is , after realisation of source , now backdored ones flying around with so be realy cerefully using any AZO that is offer to you cheaply or even free , also have in note to always check the executable as backdoor ones will always have 120kb and actualy it should be way way less, be carefull..
  18. google codes to find websites anyone? paying for info

    Waht excatly you lookin it's called " Droks" and there is still people working with droks exploit via goodle sql dumper and HVIJ but its kinda old but still can be a GOLD you need to make your own or to by exploit droks from people but i would not recommend it as they are usualy empty or already used by sellers and will give you dead info's , best and safest way is to get good into write good droks it will take you big time into understnad of droks exploits but can be realy good and payout in the end..
  19. CgroupC - yourside@jabb.im

    did you check this account before you sell it No Did you provide check results to buyer No
  20. CgroupC - yourside@jabb.im

    Proof of conversation he posted. https://imgur.com/a/dQU5DBZ Here you can clearly see that im aasking he does he even using the cookies and check his answer, he using the cookies we didnt even provided to him as he didnt request so he tryed just simple to log into bank account , and banks this days have big securty to bypass, and that is why clearly he got the error of sign out autoamticlly.
  21. CgroupC - yourside@jabb.im

    Well before admin response will write this just to make evrything clear. We have log into other logs to check if log is realy complety death wich can happen and to give yo an replace . You can continue spam us and our theards and keep adding us back on jabber , but we will wait on admin reponse.
  22. CgroupC - yourside@jabb.im

    I dont know where to start with this user , but from somwhere we need to start. Well the guy have bought HALI log fand others it come attach with. So have provided to him what he buyed. After some time he start argue , about user IP of the LOG , i have tryed to explain to him but the guy wont to listen , then he said the log is old. As stated that we do not give Replace or Refund , but still as we new here and we do not want negativee feedbacks or anything we decie to check the log by our self. And we do never check our logs or use them in any term. But only because as we such a new here we want evrything to be clean , so i did log in couple guy log to see if others LOG's so maybe LOGS was death realy. So lets start with proofs Proof 1. https://prnt.sc/n6ntk7 active and live. Proof 2. http://prntscr.com/n6nrfi active and live. Proof 3. http://prntscr.com/n6numu active and live Then the guy sent us here Proof 4. https://prnt.sc/n6nvkf , then we contact our buyer of bank from us to ask about this error as staed before we do not use bank logs or any other , so i asked about this kind of error , this kind of error means that guy got autoamticly sign out from account by HALIBANK because of IP cache / Cookies , then we have confmed with 1 more guy reputable from this site who also said it , and also google can help on this error. We tryed to explain to this guy but he just didnt want to listen he was just talk about HIS "15 years of expirance" etc. So i have writed him last msg on jabber to he is free to report us and deleted him for fruther chat.
  23. Fresh LOGS for sale + cookies include Countries UK / US / CA / AU / NL / IT / DE and much more You can provide your urls - You can provide your mails - You can buy mix logs - You can buy account mix logs - You can buy bank logs - Coinbase , Amazon , Walmart , Ebay , Aliexpress , Alibaba , Target , Pandora , Nike , PayPal( and much more ) - All my logs come with COOKIES Will not price list as it accoure on what you need and would take me alot of time to write each here. Be free to conntact me via PM Jabber : yourside@jabb.im Examples: are Aviable only to serious buyers - also can verfy my service to any moderator .. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Свежие журналы на продажу + печенье включают Страны Великобритания / США / CA / AU / NL / IT / DE и многое другое Вы можете предоставить свои URL - Вы можете предоставить свою почту - Вы можете купить смешанные журналы - Вы можете купить учетные записи смешанных журналов - Вы можете купить банковские журналы - Coinbase, Amazon, Walmart, Ebay, Aliexpress, Alibaba, Target, Pandora, Nike, PayPal (и многое другое) - Все мои журналы идут с печеньем Не будет прайс-лист, так как он рассчитан на то, что вам нужно, и мне потребуется много времени, чтобы написать каждый здесь. Будь свободен, чтобы связаться со мной через личку Джаббер: yourside@jabb.im Примеры: Доступны только серьезным покупателям - также можете проверить мой сервис любому модератору.
  24. BIG UPDATE FRESH MACHINEs-LOGs date start from 25.03 US CA UK DE NL IT PT etc. Also FR(Finily Back on Stock) For any more info be free to PM , or add on Jabber. Enjoy. RU БОЛЬШОЙ обновления машины-журналы Дата начать с 25,03 нас CA Великобритании де NL он PT и т.д.Также FR(Finily Back on Stock) для больше info быть бесплатно до вечера, или добавить на Jabber.Наслаждайтесь