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  1. Extremely profitable method! Serious ca$h

    Very cool writing ! I liked it a lot!
  2. I'm stuck have a couple questions (paypal carding)

    Any follow up ? Also why do you use Paypal ?

    Just sharing these methods i have accumulated. But as you can see, people finally talk about these, once you show any info. Happy you're helping people with sharing this knowledge! Thats what this thread is all bout. Stay safe bro! -John

    HAPPY EASTER GUYS! Its not my own so keep that in mind ! NOTE : This is a private method tested by me and its 100% working if you follow detailed instructions. NEEDED ITEMS :: 1. A Good Website cloned or Properly Setup 2. Domain registered email 3. Merchant Account 4. Dead Fullz : not including CC details just DOB and SSN 4. A US Checking Account or savings account : Only the routing number and account number is needed so you can change the account at any time without problem since account name is not needed. NOTE: It only works with US BANK ACCOUNT. METHOD :: What is Stripe? Stripe is the easiest way to accept credit and debit card payments online. With Stripe, you can create exactly the payment experience you want in your website or mobile app, and we handle everything from security to daily transfers to your bank account. You can get started immediately. HOW DOES IT WORK GO to Stripe.com and Register for a Merchant Account with your Website as Business name note you must have an SSN or DOB to register the company its very easy to register next do not use a free email to register as a merchant your account would be setup immediately and domain name will be confirmed since you used domain registered email. There are detailed step to step guide there on how to intergrate the payment form into your website then you are ready to cashout your cvv both non vbv and vbv card work effectively worldwide cards also work effective. Advantage over other processor you can charge ccv yourself on the dashboard of your stripe account without charging it through your website. Payments are transferred into your bank account within 7days not like other processors that send payment in 30days. NOTE : to be effective do not charge more than 300$ for US cvv and more than 500$ for International cvv. with this method you can make as much as 5000$ on weekly basis. NOTE : when charging a cvv use the same state socks and for international cvv use the same country socks since it takes note of charges done and ip don't use dead cvv for charging be sure card is live before you attempt charging any cards since if too much failed cards is noted your account can be blocked.
  5. Carding beginner

    I sent you a msg on Wickr. Happy to share knowledge.
  6. Lets improve our games !

    Thanks for writing this. I had today a LVL3 carding day, and got to say its been just like you said. Trial, trial and trial with some error. Keep it safe guys!
  7. NewBie Oppinion needed

    Hi guys! I'm new on virtual carding game. A friend of my mine showed me some incredible results, so i have been studying daily to improve my game Little bit older 80s kid Let me introduce my self, let's call me John. I have been doing mostly website based scams, frauds etc. Holiday rentals, overseas jobs etc. If you are doing these hit me up, i have been doing stuff like this for over 10yr so i most def can add some value, to websites, rental businesses, My friend pointed out to me that i actually have quite a shit load of resources on my hand for carding So let's ask you guys about this stuff. What do you think as value, or how usefull are these in your line of duty So in my files i have the following: Cryptopay accounts TIER3 10 pieces Bitstamp accounts 100% verification 8 pieces Transferwise account 100% verified 20 pieces Revolut banks 100% 5 pieces Also possible to get fake IDs, EU. Willing to sell all above Or get a % for transfers. If these are something that people actually need, i could start making these in volume. I have a friend working in a hotel and I bought passport photos from him, so I have prox 2000 pieces of those. Good quality also. Color printer I haven't checked where they all are, but i would say 30%EU 30US/CANADA/MEXICO and 30 from all around the globe ( Its a hotel duhh ) Also 180K Sweden, Finland, Norway phone numbers with details like NAME, SURNAME, ADDRESS, POSTAL CODE, CITY, CARRIER, DATE OF BIRTH. So tell me if this kind of things is useful to anyone Happy to share my knowledge as well! Happy Carding guys! And thanks for this site, mods and owners as well, useful stuff indeed!! If you need to contact me: johnwhatever@xmpp.jp
  8. Coinmama partner

    What are the limits on the Coinbase ?
  9. Looking for a startup

    I send a msg to you Happy to talk and see what we know! Be safe brother!
  10. How do I decrease my fraud score?

    Well said!

    This method is actually the old version of the new version. Hit me a private msg, ill give it to you free In the msg if you could put jabber or tele i can send it faster. Have a great day.
  12. 1000 Cardeble sites. For Easter

    Here we go If you need more shoot a msg on private ( FOR FREE, NOT GONNA ASK YOUR DOB AND MOTHERS MAIDEN NAME) Cardable Casino Sites: 10bet.com 24hbet.com 5dimes.com admiralbet.com allstar.com alpenland-online.at bcsports.net bet-at-home.com bet24.com bet2day.com bet365.com bet.betclass.co.uk commissioncircle.com betdirect.com betfairpromo.com betfred.com betinternet.com betoddoreven.com betroyal.com bets4all.com betsafe.com betsense.com dgm2.com betsson.com betway.com betzone.com bluesq.com newbodog.com boylesports.com betandwin.com commissionking.com qksrv.net cashpoint.at centrebet.com betthe.net direcbet.com easybets.com eurobet.com eurotip-online.com expekt.com fonbet.com gamebookers.com globet.com goldbet.com gwbet.com indosoccer.com intertops.com interwetten.com jazzsports.com ladbrokes.com lionbet.com paysports.com multibet.com nordicbet.com pacificsportclub.com paddypower.com parbet.com pinnaclesports.com playit.com pointbet.com premierbet.com betroyal.com sportonlinebookie.com scandicbookmakers.com wetten-schwechat.at seangraham.com skybet.com snaisport.com sportfanatik.com sportingbet.com sportingodds.co.uk sportingoptions.co.uk sbobet.com sports.com sportsbetting.com qksrv.net sportwetten-online.de stanjames.com stanleybet.com swapbets.com thebet.cc thegreek.com totalbet.com totesport.com unibet.com unitedbet.com victorchandler.com vierklee.com vikingbet.com vikingbet.com wettpunkt.com willhill.com winunited.com worldbet.com worldwager.com wsex.com. Countries: Best: ES, FR, DE, AU, IT, FI. (possible deposit withdraw, acceptance of lots of bins) Where can be problems: US, CA, UK. ( USA and CA don t accept gambling money, UK cards are dying quick and can have too little balance or SMS-alerts); Some rooms which accept USA CC: SportsBook Poker PlayersOnly Poker Carbon Poker Poker Stars Bodog Poker Only Poker Super Book Poker Full Tilt And etc. Accept the room your USA CC or don t depends of BIN, more exactly from the bank. USA is only for beginners and for loosing . Europe is better because you can use any data instead of holder s name, address etc. All you need are card number, exp and cvv. Ipoker s rooms check any information before sending to merchant. It s often helps to contact with support. Always check on valid your card before carding. ClickAndBuy.com -> New If you see that limit in the room is less than $600 better look for another room of this poker net. It s possible that you ll find the room with bigger limit. If your account is automatically locked after you ve made the deposit use payment systems. You can card any payment system where uses CC for uploading funds. I advise you to use moneybookers. It still cards good. Either directly from CC or through merchant (you ll have to accept SMS in the appropriate country or use the card with VBV or MCSC in this way you don t have to accept SMS) Also there are some exotic systems for carding like clickandbuy etc. but it s not for public. Payment systems are ALWAYS better for loosing . But there re not good for cashing out. What to do after money are deposited? So we already have an account with money. Further we can: - bet and win till $2000 on balance and: 1) sell for 10-20% from balance (deposit without withdraw 15-20%. To withdraw is possible only on Visa CCs which were made not in USA). Maximum profit from account is about $400. 2) lose won money to a clean account ( lose carded money is already not good idea). Today is actual loosing in DoN (double or nothing) and timplay of expencive tournaments with less than 100 players (you should have a least three carded accounts). Holdem on NL100-NL400 is almost dead so it s not worth it if it isn t standard working limits of clean accounts. Also you can lose from carded account till some trust limit (it s made by security service of the room and usually $20-$100) and withdraw on fresh-registered account it s stable profit for people who don t wait jack-pots and just want to work and earn. Profit from $500. 3) Give for cashing out. Profit to $1000. 4) Make a deposit by yourself and withdraw (moneybookers, neteller, webmoney etc). Account in payment system should be made with the same info (country, name, addres) which you used during registration of poker account. Then make transfer to account for cashing out with linked credit card or bank account. - do the direct transfer to clean account BUT you mustn t order a withdraw on clean one! There are a lot of rooms where transfers work. In 90% won money are transferred without documents and shiet like this. I advise you to use one more account between carded and clean Till they will lock and investigate the chain your chances of success are growing. - if you made deposit on promoted account (account with big history of playing and transactions) then you can win come money and right after that withdraw the money to the account where you ve already made withdraw. Security service will start to work only after fraud notification . You can also make a deposit from CC on your own clean account from cards of another countries and payment systems accounts. Sometimes you ll be lucky and your clean accounts will present you for about $1000 a week. For example in Titan was verified account with documents and some cashouts which lived without locks for about a month and there were some dirty deposits through MB merchant (read the first article if you don t understand what I m talking about), play for vision and made withdraw on WebMoney. I ve got a lot of points and I decided to order a bonus but security servise got up and locked the account explained that I had no permission to take this bonus. Similar situation was in PS and FTP where deposits were made with good CC on promoted accounts. Then withdraws were ordered. Now poker is dead for people which just want to press a couple of buttons and don t invent any new ways. There are always enough bugs in different rooms just you must be able to find and use it. www.techbuy.com.au - Need a paid email (from a webserver like porksoda@bitshacking.com) can't use free like webmails,.Computers,Camera's,Software,need Australian ccv. http://www.Buymac.com.au - cc name + billing=ship - They can post slow..Apple Products but don't keep SPAM :angry: http://www.walmart.com - Electronics - Bypass verification by using Amex cards..Amex Good BIN Google http://www.wellgoodstuff.com - Lots druggie stuff tshirts,joke stuff ships to USA,Australia,Europe - Make fake id's can card using USA cc without cvv - bill=ship http://www.whisky.fr - bill=ship Whisky ships within 3 days only to Europe. http://www.sendit.com - bill=ship - dvd's,cd's - worldwide http://www.barronseduc.com - bill=ship no cvv worldwide - Books http://www.roadrunnersports.com - bill=ship worldwide - sport shoes http://www.celluloco.com - bill=ship worldwide - Mobiles HTC,Blackberries http://www.BuyRadarDetectors.com - Same Bill/Ship - Worldwide reply to emails http://www.hmv.co.jp - worldwide fedex 3day ship - bill=ship no cvv only use International CC http://www.tcc-qatar.com - Electronic Very good Site,Ship Worldwide,CC only no AVS reply to emails http://www.rugift.com - worldwide - bill=ship,Camera Lens,Night Vision stuff pretty sweet. http://www.windpowersports.com - worldwide bill=ship,kites http://www.ronjo.com - bill=ship worldwide - magic store http://www.radarbusters.com - bill=ship worldwide fast delivery..large store lots things http://www.hayneedle.com - bill=ship worldwide fast delivery very easy http://www.yesasia.com - Consoles bill=ship worldwide needs cc statement http://www.alittleluxury.com.au - Ships Australia only,Alchohol and hampers bill=ship need good cvv. http://www.giftvouchers.com - Australia only - bill=ship best use Australia cards,need good cvv - Gift vouchers http://www.goldenmine.com - worldwide, bill=ship good cvv,gold jewelry http://www.lmc.com.au - Australia Only - bill=ship,best use aussie cvv but can use USA, will need phone verify and good cvv - Electronics http://www.griffintechnology.com - worldwide, fast ship use any number for cvv,bill=ship - computer,ipod,ipad..cases,cords. http://www.uhrbox.de - worldwide, bill=ship - watches http://www.cloncom.com - Phone Cards..instant pin via email - there is a 50% chance full need to phone verify - bill=ship http://www.divineo.com - Consoles - ship=bill worldwide will need phone verify http://www2.panasonic.com - Electronics - worldwide just stay under $400 if anymore will need phone verify,,bill=ship http://www.Apple.com, http://www.apple.com/au - Easy will need phone verify or cc scan/cc statement if you go above $350 - bill=ship.. Its best to use Aussie cvv for apple Australia. http://www.occhialissimi.it - Sunglasses Italian brands - worldwide no verification needed - bill=ship http://www.addr.com - VERY EASY cardable hosting - they don't take down...any cvv..try use these (visa 965 or 029, master 517 or 519) http://www.neato.com - Worldwide Blank cd's, dvd's,duplication hardware,ship=bill http://www.innovations.com.au - Misc Stuff put shipping address in billing address http://www.samples4.com - Audio Stuff,put shipping address in billing address http://www.send2fax.com - Service to send fax anywhere - bill=ship http://www.landsend.com - clothing - buy gift certificate and buy clothes with gift certificate. http://www.electriqueboutique.com - Female Clubwear,swimwear - bill=ship worldwide Http://www.bullguard.com CCV (Any/Visa/Mastercard/Jcb) Socks of the Country any Socks of USA Example https://www.whiskygalore.co.nz Request: CCN ( Non cvv) + Socks,,Bill different from ship - ship worldwide http://Champagnegallery.com.au Any name for cc,best to use Australian ccv but I am sure you could use the same or near same country as the cc..so if your shipping to Europe try use a euro ccv. billing=shipping,,,select email me and untick call me.It charges the card straight away. http://www.world-import.com Worldwide ship - bill=ship - need phone verify or cc scan. Clothing karmaloop.com (US and INTL shipping) karmaloop.co.uk (For UK Residents to avoid custom taxes) topman.com (INTL shipping) musterbrand.com (GameFan Clothing) (INTL Shipping) Gaming Gamestop.com (Choose the country you need from main list) Game.co.uk (UK and Overseas Delivery < - Not all countries) Electronics Carphonewarehouse.com (UK Only) Phoneshop.com (For EU purchases of mobiles, tablets etc) PC World.co.uk (UK only) Apple.com (No description needed) HP.com Dell.com Sony.com (Worked only with TV and Sonos Sound System, let me know how you get on) Megastores Walmart.com Tesco.com https://store.griffintechnology.com/ (ipads, bill=shipp) http://www.macmall.com/( IPADS ) bill shipp different http://www.bitmore.co.uk (not tested, cool stuff) www.aiaiai.dk. Very good quality of headphones. A lot of DJ's use it. 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  13. Hit me a msg in here, ill give you the method for free my man Also anyone else who might need it can hit me up. Stay safe guys. ALWAYS wear a VPN when doing stuff unprotected.
  14. Free Method ( CC to BTC )

    CC to BTC Methods Always use RDP, SOCKS or VIP72 client or Proxifier on RDP. On Windows: Delete your DNS Cache by typing on CMD : ipconfig /flushdns Release your cache by typing on CMD : ipconfig /release Renew your IPV4 or cache by typing on CMD : ipconfig /renew Method #1 : Step 1 : First go to http:// payeer.com and register there. Put only mail address and captcha. Use hotmail or gmail for better result. Then a window will tell you your User ID, Password and Master Key, save them on a text file. Do not lose this info! Step 2 : Next step is to confirm your mobile number; you can use your own mobile number or any text -receiving number. Step 3 : Now comes the main part . Scroll to the top . On the menu click "Add". Then choose your preferable payment method, "Visa/Master card" (note: use USA socks for see that payment option available). Otherwise can use EU bank logins using preferable socks to topup Payeer wallet. And make sure your wallet i s SMS Verified. Step 4 : Now enter your card info's or bank login ( if you select Intl. Wire Transfer or Bank transfer). Be careful Payeer is VBV/ masterpass protected site , try to make use of Non -VBV or best BIN. Step 5 : After successfully purchasing P ayeer balance, you can go to "Exchange" to get on your preferable e currency wallet, and send them to your personal e- wallet. To exchange to BTC, first exchange from Pay eer to PerfectMoney, then use an external PM to BTC exchanger site like the ones listed below. https://p2pchange.is/ http://pm2btc.me/ Method #2: Note: Be sure to use good private socks/RDP because this site is very secure. Step 1: First go to https://superbit.hk It’s basically a site that sell s digital copies of romantic relationship handbooks . And they give free bitcoins matching the price of the ebook. For example , you buy 2 soft copy and each is 10$ so 10*2=$20 they will send you 20$ to you in Bitcoins. Step 2: Click on buy now and then choose any item you want to buy, and choose the quantity Step 3: Enter your email enter cc owner name and quantity etc and click submit. Step 4: They will send you confirmation email open the link in email confirm account and then complete payment by cc. Step 5: They will send you the ebook by email and the link to submit your BTC wal let information. Fill in the appropriate information
  15. Cashout Service Needed

    Hi man! I can give you tips and tricks Can also show a few of my own techniques. Depends also where are your fullz from, a country that is. I also have lots of accounts on cryptocurrencies ect. Happy to help! Ill help for free!