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  1. Carding on paid Adult Sites, Cam etc.

    so only card number must be valid?
  2. Carding on paid Adult Sites, Cam etc.

    hello, im relatively new to carding and just wanted to know, for what i have to take care if i want use a hacked CC on a online site where i can buy virtual content with CC? So maybe buy credits on cam-sites (livejasmin etc...), or any other stuff. Of course using a fresh E-Mail address, also the use of socks5 proxy, change MAC-address before. So is there anything else important, so that the account / card wont get blocked? maybe some settings in browser (Firefox)? I’ve experienced, that especially livejasmin has very hard checks and even got my own card blocked there / transaction declined. So is there any golden way / method? Any recommendation which type of cards wont get blocked so fast? And yes that might be sound stupid, but as stated I’m new , is there a fast, secure way to cash out a CC without sending goods to a real address? So a "virtual-only" method? preferably cash out the CC to any cryptocurrency (btc, litecoin)? I know it gets more and more difficult in the last years, because nearly al exchangers have identity checks etc... But if anybody knows something that still works, you can PM me.