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    VENMO CHANGED THEIR SYSTEM VENMO.COM TUTORIAL 1. Open Venmo account 2. Send a designated email you control the maximum of 3000 3. Close first account and create second one do the same (send 3000) 4. Close second account and create a third and do the same (send 3000) 5. All of the money sent will now appear in one email address 6. Open a venmo account with the email addtess you sent the money to from all three accounts. All the money will be there as cash which you can transfer to any bank account using the routing and bank account numbers. It takes one day Important things to remember: 1. You can only link three cards to each venmo account and no more even if you remove accounts. 2. You have to close the accounts as you use them to create the new ones and at first it only lets you sent 300 however if you verify using facebook or entering the last 4 of social, DOB, and Zip you get 3000 per week. (this info is easily obtained) 3. Only use your info including bank info on the last catch all account so you can cash out.. 4. Allows you to attach credit and debit cards including American Express ICQ: @Bossy Telegram: @legitplug5

    Hp.com Zip cc Zip or city ip Correct cc number Cc name on both shipping and billing Drop address on both shipping and billing. Keep between $500 to $700 442742 483316 449465 Lenovo.com Zip or City cc Zip or city ip Use drop name Cc address on both shipping and billing When order ships, call the courier and hold the package. Let your drop use their ID to go pickup from courier facility 442742 483316 449465 Vizio.com Zip or City cc Zip ip or city ip Use drop name Vizio requires only the billing address Use cc address When order ships, call the courier and hold the package. Let your drop use their ID to go pickup from courier facility 442742 483316 449465 Virginmobile.com Zip or State cc Zip ip Select only pre-loved phones (go for iPhone 7 Plus) Use cc name Use Cc phone number but edit last 2 Virginmobile requires only the billing address Use your drops address For state cc use 441831 For zip cc use 438857, 4373034 Walmart.com Zip cc Zip ip If you add item to cart, make sure the zip that shows matches zip of cc and ip Guest checkout Normal placement cc phone number on both ship and bill After ty enter password to create account. Debit business, classics and prepaid 442742 Or Any state cc Zip ip of cc When you add item to cart, edit the zip that shows at estimated taxes to drop zip and click calculate. Guest checkout Normal placement cc phone number on both ship and bill After ty enter password to create account. Credit platinums work best Or State cc City ip When you add item to cart, edit the zip that shows at estimated taxes to drop zip and click calculate Guest checkout Normal placement cc phone number on both ship and bill After ty enter password to create account. 440066, 400022, 427569 Always create fresh email Bestbuy.com pick up City or zip cc Create account and order something $10 for pick up. Use cc details. After the order is ready for pickup make make another order of any item of your choice and use cc details but add you drop as alternative picker 442742 402452 483316 434769 490071 Nordstromrack.com Ship to drop Bill to cc Drop name on package When order ships don’t track Else package will be returned Don’t copy tracking number to track in any app. If you get shipping mail just ignore it. 400022 449465 474165 Att.com Buy zip ssn Before you buy the ssn, do background check to make sure the ssn owner doesn't have any att number in the past or present Then if date of birth of ssn u buy is different from the one on white pages or truthfinder or instant checkmate then use the one from the background check Isite Go-to att.com with state or city or zip up Add one or two phones to c'rt, select p'yment by installment ( i.e monthly payments just like postpaid account ) and make sure the total due today charge is not much and drop can afford to pay that amount before going to pick up cos most because drop must pay taxes in-store Put in ssn information to create the account but use drop name as ssn name. Use ssn correct phone number, 'address, date of birth and ssn. use any email you haven’t used before on att. Checkout with any live cc and use drop name as cc holder name If card is live, you get thank you, track the order, status will be *in progress*.. Track again after 30minutes it should be *ready for processing* and that’s 100% vhim, it will be ready for pick up But if 'after 30 minutes and it’s still in progress then the order will most likely be cancelled... Sprint.com U buy zip cc of drop den u go search ssn of cc Den u put drop’s name for cc top den cc details as billin Xr 2 in cart or xs max 1 in a cart Wen u plc am den drop go dem go biz am questions. So u for gt him de ssn n dob De last 4 numbers of cc If dem say dem go create accnt give drop, make drop say no and tell them he go do am for house. Wayfair.com Any state cc Create account Normal placement Correct cc number Keep under $300 Bestbuy.com Buy old account with card inside expired ICQ : @bossy TELEGRAM : legitplug5

    How to card any clothing item or sneakers you want. I'm going to start this tutorial with the easy one. Carding clothing items. Carding clothes and sneakers is easy as buying a gun in the us. I have never carded any clothing store and not have my order shipped, no matter the price or even if there is an address mismatch. And here is how I do it. The 3 websites I card for all my clothing and sneaker needs are Asos, Fanatics, adidas and Nike websites. To card any of the websites here is the step by step guide. 1, Buy a citibank or chase world or business cc from any cc autoshop of your choice. I personally buy from validcc but you can buy from any of your trusted vendor or aautoshop. I usually buy only world or business bins because they usually have a high balance. To check if your cc is live, you can go to stubhub and signup then add the cc in the payment settings. if it gives you no error messages, then the cc is live so proceed buf you need to know the exact balance on the cc(this is useful if you wanna card for over $1k) you can all the bank toll free cc customer care line and check the balance by providing the zip code on the cc addy. For items under $1k, don't bother calling cost most business and world cards have balance higher than that. When buying your cc, buy a cc that is in close proximity to the city your drop address is. If your drop is in Santa Clarita, buy a cc from Santa Clarita or any city in California. 2, When you are doing buying your cc, visit luxsocks and buy a socks5. I personally don't use socks 5 or rdp, what I do is, I have a burner android cell phone. I buy a new sim from verizon or any isp, then share the internet with my pc or card directly with my cell phone. You can also easily get a fresh IP from verizon each time you reset your phone. Moving on/ 3,Like I told you guys in the first method I shared, using a domain email or.edu email greatly increases the chance of your order getting shipped. So get a domain email. Using gmail is good too but you can never be too prepared. 4, go to Asos, fanatics, adidas and nike and sign up. In my experience. Asos and Fanatics are the easiest to card. Card the Asos Uk site. After signing up browse the website and select the items you want and add to your cart. During checkout, use your drop address as shipping, that is to say, use the address of the cc owner in the billing address section of checkout and in the shipping address, use your drop address, where you want the item delivered. Download dingtone or burner app and get a number or use google voice. During checkout add this number as your contact number. Asos and fanatics don't call to confirm order, they ship without calling but on some occasions, adidas and Nike call but the call is stupid cos all they will ask you is, if you authorised an order. You're say yes, confirm your name and zip. That's all. You can go as high as you want for for Asos and Fanatics but for adidas and nike, keep it under $1k. That's all for sneakers and clothings. Moving on to Electronics from Best buy and Walmart. To card Walmart and Bestbuy we are going to use a similar method to that in the first tutorial I did about carding canon and nikon but this time with a twist. Repeat the process of buying cc and and socks5 like I already stated above. Get your domain email as well then visit walmart and best buy I usually buy iphones or macbooks using this method. Add the item you want to card to your cart and during checkout, use the cc owner real address but during shipping select in store pickup. So for this method you have to physically go to another city not too close to where you live or have someone else pick up the item for you but here is what you need to d first. After selecting in store pickup, use the cc owner address and info as billing then checkout. If there is enough balance on your cc, the order will be processed and you'd be told when the item is available for pick up. When the item is ready for pick up, go to the settings page and add an alternate pick up person. You have an option to designate someone else to help you pick up this. What works for me is finding a random girl on the street then promise her $100 to help me pick up an item don't tell her is for fraud. Walmart and Best buy usually say you need to show cc to pickup an item but in over 2 years they've never asked anyone I send for the cc used in making the order, just an ID. This is really easy and not hard to pull of. ICQ 746664790 telegram @newman455

    Western Union Latest Carding Method 2019 Now u need same state socks. you can find card bins here Now u need following thing first to start the carding process:- 1) Hacked credit card / fullz with ssn dob telephone no and the info 2) same state socks / vpn 3) rdp 4) spoofer / voice change 5) call forwarding service which is must if they call u 6) fake credit card / id card scan document 7) you can get everything from me ! and i'll provide you in this tutorial This is example of fullz Full Name : Houston Laguna Home Address : 3305 Lake Valley Way City : Douglasville State : Ga Zip Code : 30135 ---------------------CC & Account info--------------------- Card Number : 4833120004753381 CVV : 715 Expiration Date : 11/2018 ATM Pl Password : jordanangee Home Telephone : 7708204159 Mother's Maiden Name : bethel Social Security Number : 264918448 Date of Biin Number : 4353 Email Address : mscoaxum23@aol.com Emairth : 08/18/79 IP : --------------CHA--------------- Now go in western union .com and make sure your socks are changed if u dont know how to google it for 1) on right side " sending from zip code " put the zip code of the cc 2) choose country 3) amount get started Few thing to be noted : 1) first check your cc is working or not try ugmarket 2) always choose low bal not 1000$ or 500$ try 100$ 50$ or 200$ 3) USA bins of bank of america , chase and france bins are Okay try always buying that bins card Now click on next Check on " online " >> " In minute " >> " Credit Card " >> " Pickup at agent location " Now you can choose there By phone too if you choose by phone instead of first option you can card WU by phone and you have her / his all info suppose if WU agent call u and ask u your ssn u should not be worried and tell the All fullz info main thing : they will call u from that no of which u get in fullz but dont worry i'll give u forwarding option so your all call will be forward to your number Now next and register in form you must fill those info which u get in credit card / fullz such as address city zip and make sure u register with email id legit next done next and if they ask u too enter reciever name and info put again firstname lastname state city country and amount WU accept VISA MASTER AND Discover after you submit they will ask u in next page are those info is okay ? if you satisfy then submit yes make sure your cc has not password protected otherwise you have to learn more such as what bank issues your card then you can break those password otherwise choose cc without password protected and if everything goes okay on next page there will be your money control number mtcn congratez you have done WU Carding I will provide you proof of mine carding Now if u choose by phone method you need following thing which i m providing you right now with full licensed and everything 1) voice changer if your card owner is female or male use these AV Voice Changer Diamond 6.0 ZIP - Free Download - Uploading.com 2) Voipp 1. 90% Cost Saving (cheap call rates). 2. Great voice quality. 3. way Call forwarding. 4.Caller ID spoofing. 5. Unlimited calling. 6. Web calling. 7. Free phone call services. 8. Free Call Forwarding. What Is Call-ID Spoofing Attack ..??? Caller ID spoofing is the practice of causing the telephone network to display a number on the recipient's caller ID display which is not that of the actual originating station; the term is commonly used to describe situations in which the motivation is considered nefarious by the speaker. Just as e-mail spoofing can make it appear that a message came from any e-mail address the sender chooses, caller ID spoofing can make a call appear to have come from any phone number the caller wishes. ADVANTAGES :- 1. Show any number on victim mobile number 2. Record Outgoing Calls 3. Listen to your calls online 4. Include recordings in email 5. Download your recordings. Caller ID Spoofing sites : 1. Caller ID Spoofing, Voice Changing & Call Recording - Prank Calls - SpoofCard 2. WWW.SPOOFTEL.COM - Caller ID Spoofing - SMS made easy - Home Page 3. Caller ID Spoofing, Voice Changing & Call Recording - Prank Calls - SpoofCard 4. Mobile Apps - SpoofCard ICQ 746560726

    CC to BTC method site : cex.io TIPS : USE VPN / PRIVATE PROXY USA TO CARD THE SITE CC BINS 2019 WORKING GOOD : 410039 483313 426684 441712 481583 426684 480365 427138 432630 438852 1) Go to site : cex.io 2) Register for an account with an free email from 10minutemail.net 3) After you did the account on the site go verify the account with email 4) You have to fund your account with money from credit cards you have public or private works both 5) Click on Deposit and you will be redirected to payment option 6) In this page you have to put the money you want to deposit and info from credit card you have 7) Then fill the billing and other sections with fake info's 8) For SSN section you have to do simple things 9) In fakenamegenerator.com site you have on fake info's a section that is SSN 10) You take that 317-66-XXXX and where it's X letter you put 4 random numbers it doesn't count 11) If you want to be more sure i have those sites that help you to get SSN and help you to get a verified SSN SITES FOR SSN VERIFICATION : http://www.ssnvalidator.com/ https://www.ssn-check.org/recent/ 12) After that click PROCEED and there you go 13) Your account will be funded with 50$ from that credit card you got from altenen public or private from shops 14) Now you go to home page and click on BUY/SELL 15) You have options of buying bitcoins worth : 100$ / 200$ / 500$ / 1,000$ 16) Go down side of page and put your amount like 50$ 17) Now click buy and they will take that 50$ from your balance account and will give you bitcoins 18) You will get bitcoins in account and go and click on WITHDRAW 19) Click on BTC to be payed in BITCOINS 20) Put your BTC WALLET and put amount you want to withdraw 21) After click on Withdraw button and the bitcoins will be transferred instant to your address ICQ 746664790 TELEGRAM @NEWMAN556

    Apple Carding Method and Tutorial 2019 Get your tools ready and let us hit apple.com and see what we can get off them. Maybe you have not been having success recently or haven’t tried apple yet. Today, I am going to unveil the method I used to take some iPhones and mackbooks from apple store. The tutorial is such an interesting one and I think it’s easy for Noobs too.In this tutorial, you will learn how to card iPhones, Laptops and other Apple products direct from www.apple.com. To be successful in carding Apple, you will need the latest working bin to use with the free method here.Sometimes, you will just need to use a high balance non vbv credit/debit card if you don’t want your transaction to be cancelled. Needed Tools for Carding Apple 2019 Old Paypal Account A good live cc (Non VBV or signature Card) CClearner Socks 5 Mack Address Changer Note: If you are in the USA, you don’t need to use socks. It’s better to use your real ip and find a cc with billing close to your location. This is the latest working method I have been using to card Apple. Please, go through it and get all the required tools. Step 1: The first step is to get an aged paypal account, new account works too but you will see better result with an old account. When you have your account ready, get a good cc and link it to the paypal account. Step 2: Visit the apple website and cart some products you wish. Make sure your cc is of high balance so your payment could go through.Checkout using Paypal, it will redirect you to the Paypal login page. Enter your login details and your payment will be processed. Pick up at the nearest apple store closest to you.

    There is already an article here about bank transfers, no disrespect to the author but it's very hard to understand since it's maybe been translated or written by someone who doesn't read write or speak native English so I have decided that I will write a guide and hopefully it will be able to help you guys out a little more than the other guide. Okay so lets get started, The first thing you are going to need is banking credentials of some sort. The information you need will be different for each bank and depend on how your doing the transfers if by phone or online so research is the key here! If you are doing the transfers online take a look at the banks login pages to determine exactly whats needed to login, you might also need additional information like a password or code to make a transfer so it's a good idea to set up a bank account with internet banking on the bank your targeting, this way you will be able to see all that is needed and not just what you need to log into the actual website. The usual information needed to log into online banking is usually like; (remember different banks = different info) Username/account number Password Letters/Numbers of a security code Answers to secret question Date of birth (sometimes) For transfers it's much better to talk and bank using the telephone, this is far more successful than online transfers because it doesn't attract so much suspicion when a few thousand is being sent somewhere and banks will process the transfer there and then meaning that if your phone call to them is successful there is a 95% chance your transfer will be too. You need different information to do this type of transfer and like before it's different with each bank, also like before it's a good idea to set up a bank account with the bank and make a transfer by phone, this way you will know what to expect when you go to make a fraudulent transfer by phone. Here is a rough guide of what you might need; Account number Sort Code Address Details Date of Birth Mother maiden name Answer to secret questions All the information you need for any type of transfer can be bought online for a relatively small amount of money, the details for online transfers will usually cost you between 3-15% of the account balance. Information to make phone transfers will normally cost between $15 upto $50 and this depends on how much information is given to you about your mark. Alternatively you can collect and gather this information yourself by the many ways available such as botnets, phishing, data mining etc... After you have got the information you need you will need to find or set up a bank account which the stolen money can be transferred into (bank drop), for obvious reasons this must not be an account in your real name! The most common method of getting an account for this is to find people willing to offer they're account for a percentage of the money, normally 30-60% of the transferred amount. Another way of getting bank drop accounts is to set them up yourself using fake ID and counterfeit documents, there is a little extra work and investment needed for doing this but the returns financially are well worth it. Now you have information and a bank drop account you are ready to make the transfer, here is some information and steps on how to go about making both phone and online transfers. Telephone banking In theory this method is pretty self explanatory because all you really need to do is make a call to the telephone banking line of your target bank and answer any questions they ask as if you were the person whose details you have but like any type of transfer true success will depend on how well you plan and carry off the operation so you must talk in a calm, cool and collective way. Acting or at the very least voice impersonation will play a major role in transfers made by phone because NO bank is going to accept a transfer from someone on the phone who has the relatively squeaky voice of a teenager or young adult when the original account holder is supposed to be 60 years old so you must take the time to perfect your voice to sound like the account holder might. Sometimes the dialect of a voice can also make a bank worker weary of a transfer because if the account holder lives in Australia and you were born in India he or she might be able to spot this in your fake voice so you must must must! get the dialect,tone and language of your targets country correct or you will fail, simple! When you have your voice you are ready to make the call, it's a good idea to use call spoofing and forwarding to have your targets telephone number registered with the bank appear on caller ID because some banks may check this or use it as further verification, there is sometimes also some sort of voice changing functionality with some of those call services which is a good feature to add to the fake voice your making vocally or if you have female info and you want to sound like so. It's not usually necessary to use spoofing so if your making a call just make sure you are doing so from an unregistered pre-paid cell phone or pay phone and not the personal land line number in your house. Online transfers Again like before it's pretty easy to do but there is a lot of different aspects that can effect the success you have with this method of transfer. All banks have different procedures and levels of tolerance regarding online transfers, most of your work at the start will involve research, trial and error and perseverance to figure out the best ways in doing it and how to maximize your profits from it. Okay so you have your information and a drop account, now you need to make the actual transfer! When you are doing anything illegal electronically via a computer you MUST secure your identity or so called virtual fingerprint paper trail your system and modem leaves behind, you can do this by using socks, virtual private networks, hacked wireless connection or any other form of legitimate anonymizing techniques and principals to protect your IP address and ultimately your identity and location. A good rule of thumb is to display an IP address located within a local proximity to that of your marks location or geographic area so an IP from the same city or state is ideal. after this step you can successfully and safely login to online banking! Now we have to think about what we are doing... as mentioned before the banks generally set an amount of money which is deemed acceptable and safe to transfer online, the history of the account holders' transfers will also come into play so it's your job to determine the highest amount a bank will accept in an online transaction without arousing suspicion, this can be done by looking at the payment history of an account and using your research inline with what you discovered as the banks acceptable amount in comparison to the balance and history ratio. It is no good trying to transfer $8k from an account with a $10k balance when the real account holder has never made a transfer bigger than $3k before. So after you have a figure you think or know is safe to transfer you can attempt to make the transfer, please take a look below for more information regarding transfers in general. General notes and tips about making any type of transfer The best time to make a transfer is during big seasonal/regional/public holidays like Christmas or Summer, people spend a lot of money at these times so the chances of a successful transfer increases and suspicion falls, please remember it's not the same for small holidays or seasonal events like at the beginning of a new year because people tend to hold back on spending at those times because they spent so much at Christmas etc... Transferring money into a bank drop account from the same bank will usually happen instantly so you can cashout the money on the same day the transfer was made, sometimes this can be seen as suspicious though. If you are transferring money into a different bank it will take between 1-4 days for the money to appear in the drop. Don't transfer money at the weekend because people usually use they're cards a lot more on weekends when they are off work and out shopping so they will find out money has been taken from their accounts faster, best day(s) to make a transfer is Sunday,Monday or Tuesday. If available select the option to take the money from the account on the day it will actually be transferred (1-4 days) there is usually a box to tick online for you to do this or you can tell the bank worker via the telephone that this is what you want. If you have a big balance account like $250k it doesn't mean you can automatically transfer $75k out of that account because it's a small amount in comparison to the balance, a good rule is to take between 3-7% of the big balances but also remember the history of the payments is also very important, try to transfer what the banks sees normally from the account holder. Make small transfers to your drop account that the account holder might not see or report, if you make a big transfer 2-3 weeks later there is a good chance of success because the bank will see money has previously been sent to the same account and no problems were reported. Online only; Take a look at the last log in date for the account or ask your vendor to do this if they checked the account after getting it because if the person doesn't log into or use online banking often there is a chance the success of a big transfer will fall and you will then be able to adjust your transfer accordingly, you will also know that person probably isn't going to see a bank statement until the end of the month. GOODLUCK