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  1. and guess what! CHIPSO EMV SOFTWARE is on the news https://www.zdnet.com/article/german...t-of-emv-cards i knew chipso is good ! lol
  2. Actually some people are sending fund into bank account but it's virtual fund just flashing for 72 hrs, they can't withdraw that it's just to show people that they receiving something.. From where can i get it please
  3. Sell EMV Reader & Writer Software v8.6

    admin ban this rat and close this thread! fucking bastard!
  4. Take a picture of both of it.. put in a frame on your salon’s wall
  5. Change site

    Check pm

    This guy retired long time ago, why your faking his info?

    No real seller here all scam don t trust no one
  8. Lol, https://imgur.com/a/AuvcSVV This guy questioning me whats my budget in btc! Fucking scammer ah?
  9. Admin, i m not considered. Please take into consideration what i m saying.. Maxemalseya is a trouble maker with too Many members here Not the fact that he is ukrainian or russian makes him good for you. I hope you investigate well and listen to ramadan before you take acrions Too many craps maxemalesya post in too many places for nothing.
  10. I have the software to install on tampered machine if u areninterested
  11. Purest money, bro yes i m not looking to get many involved. I just explained that scripts/soft process of what i want and if it exists how it is not being sold and hidden!
  12. Group Buying for EMV Software

    Interesting and i m in, the guy is perfect and the software is very good. Too many haters here will attack, just ignore brothrt. Writer of this thread i m 100% with you
  13. its fake my friend , x2 is fake!! do not trust this lame ripper recently joined the forum
  14. Really? Hehe.. what have u done? Just explaining what i m looking for? The 2nd one is what i want exactly, but its not 100% how you said it, because i dont use swift and also i dont need past messages! But you did n t help, you described water by water!!
  15. No body from all member here does know how and where to get this?
  16. You contacted me for btc generator, i ll send u link once i m office.. i m looking for software / script they use to flash bank account i don t know specifically what is it
  17. emvx last version updated

    modified by chipso? are you stupid man ? i contacted developer chipso he said what the hell? chipso is emv chipso solution emvchipsodotcom what has to do with xemv? hehehe
  18. Bitcoin Fake Transcation

    Its free in unverified section here in forum! Someone postef it! Hahaha If u want the link just pm me ill upload it again and resend wtf! Selling it and itd free ! Go to hell