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  1. so we conclude that atm are hacked with malware like tyupkin installed by someone paid for sure and the call just activated the malwre inside 1 atm why go to dangerous country and shit money if it can be done anywhere like malware provider's claim another malware strain, known as Ploutus, allowed hackers to command machines to dispense cash by sending a text message to them. https://www.bbc.com/news/technology-29537907 risk 20 year of jail for 50k if they in divided between 50 people lol.......................... they even start to sell vm of atm how much they can do nothing.................................... 1 car put in R...........................zbam atm go from the wall other car take it..............making money without get catch is not for every one. remember this lazarus group take million's and they want us to believe that they connected with them for 1 atm............................hahahahahahaahahaha hahaha for 25k if is in it in some asia country. are they serious
  2. aka_k4 - moneymaker@mpro.la

    after talking with aka_k4 he say you a ripper continue to talk shit
  3. aka_k4 - moneymaker@mpro.la

    if is true and if not invented number i claim that i will paid the debt of my friend aka!_k4 so i clean the bad word on him i dont even know what happened but that's my friend he was asking money in last time's so maybe he was in real trouble maybe not if the reason is real i will paid for him you have my word please devellop how 5k and i will ask him when he online
  4. lebowski - lebowski@jabbim.ru

    again we see a group of complexed people, first insulting and then crying so for your information mister banker because you think you know but you know nothing again and learn now : we enter inside bank over mssql and oracle is that clear for you or you want a course on how to hack a bank man you gonna have to understand that your claim to that i reselle data on blackmarket wow again inventing life because you have nothing to say you just come together to trap me and you not success you see even with all your contact and false story you do nothing only blablablablabla you maybe have a banker but you do nothing remember you need people like me i already inside what i want, so making big word claiming i will not enter somewhere is funny i just have to scan you bank server ip where user connect hahahaahhaa yes is how it start you know when i learn you that i already dont need you it was just to be faster you prove just that you post about us doing and you dont even know maxmamlaza post again news on us hahahahahaahahaha you dont found news on your team you know i can and you enter in fury because i not working with you you see the rat you think i am at the end you need me and you know why because you just a middle man like this funny man talking again shit reality is just a point of view if you want to imagine i scam you giving 1 email adress woooow all have to hide email in the world next for your information because you think you control something when you have low access from somewhere you just send email from inside hahahahahaha and get a escalation priviledge oh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh is it a slap come take course we not in the same world again you don't understand for you all i really really really hope you will be good in life and success something in your life in inverse of you i don't hate you, you just funny and wish you the best my little nazi groupies
  5. lebowski - lebowski@jabbim.ru

    blablablablablablablabla soon maxmalesya book again you talk shit, brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr je tremble did i need to change country, because you too dangerous for me blablablablablabla all know you talk shit yes hahahahahaha and you blabla not like a proud russian and you continu insulting people country im not from im sorry for you hacking skills you affraid no one with your claim, just for your information ok mister pizdabol thanks i get number 10 like zinedine zidane always the best , que des numeros 10 dans ma team aller casse toi bouffon guignol de foire que tu est fait moi bien rigoler ouai, petite baltringue, il est venu nous raconter sa vie celui la tu pue la merde et on la compri avec tes photo de victime go buy a house with your 2000 dollars and continue from your samsung to catch people thank you very much la danseuse de puket
  6. lebowski - lebowski@jabbim.ru

    bez flaga = bez zastave si mislio majmun bez strany = ti si trani pravi to da My side and my flag hahahahahahaha i see we have a big propaganda behind you, claiming 1 blood 1 flag wow now we see what you are this is exactly what little frustrated boys like you raising in a place where he only with he's people thinking he upper some other people hahahahaha i understand it was not easy before when your family was sent to the goulag because of your big proud of pizdabol to go out of your country is not very easy, even for money so you have to put lolipop in mouth ahhh ok now i understand now is more clear why you hate so much stranger's i have a side and i have a flag that's again the part you not know and imagine me a life i think your blood is so much pure that your parent are brother and sister, did im right? you know him you know him super but you what you do? you say i dont know what a flag a side etc if i dont have team and side please give in pm where to come in belgium you know in my life is not problem only solution you not a problem you just a funny man in the middle man, think is the only one doing something lol continue tao pai pai le shemal Добавлено через 57 секунд jen ai le fou rire de ta grosse tete de citron derriere ton clavier de nazi depressif
  7. lebowski - lebowski@jabbim.ru

    i look at your post yes and i see you send a women do carding at your place, yes i see i think your mother is serbian or bosnian little village boy you claim i ripped someone where are your proof please just expose us the big scam you found all know now that you just funny nothing else pizdabol sending women give big talk about hard life and gangster and send women continu to search and be on me little groupy with your big theorie so first am arabic then i serbian then i serbian bosnian what i not, again your big team fail your suposed rippak is based on someone having me in contact owning you money wowwwwwwww expose to all the big pizdabol and ripak i made please so we see truth about me because you claim from the day i say you suck stiga that im a rat so continue develloppe mister no life can you please expose in place of repeating your shit alone at home when did you fuck last time? the money on picture was divide by 20 or 30 people poor third man country go get paid in php Добавлено через 3 минуты 6 секунд bon voyage grosse victime que t est Добавлено через 12 минут 40 секунд description of maxmamlaza and is not my word
  8. lebowski - lebowski@jabbim.ru

    you see again the proof of how much you funny where i scam sms stiga explain to us because your lolipop in mouth i dont understand what you saying again you dont found argue so you start to invent if i say i would see like i was very clear for sim swap it have to be see what bank mean the name of the bank and what operator sim is used from target how i scam him, please explain to all you big theory of scamming serbian bosnian mean the translator help you to have a way funny man you are i repeat you invent me a life like stiga do give proof before talk shit i never complain to moderator in difference of you how much you no power man even if i get banned you think my life would change if i get banned it will be about what because i close your mouth because you insult religion of people and country man you a lolipop sucker you come talk to me you funny and you affraid no one here did i will get banned because i help your friend know how to resolve his sms problem himself or did i will get banned because i send free verifone software to stiga man you just make me joke all is clear in text bring proof i scam someone and then i will answer and then let admin judge your oldest mean nothing to me your contact list was selling false emv shimmer dont even touching the chip so all see what happening, do what you have to do mister gangster but for me you just a joke, put that in your brain and all your false claiming based on friend of a friend are proving i say truth if your translator make you problem is not my fault i simply close your mouth and you frustrated of it go back to your lolipop Добавлено через 7 минут 38 секунд for your knowledge all bank and all phone company are not asking same security over phone so playing the mongol dont understanding my claiming prove your brain is too big like italy most bank now call before transfer not only sms depend on operator you need more than id card so claiming i say is all do able is lying on my claim again is talking shit on people yes i have in 3 country sim swap and is not 2 people it have to be done live so mister professionnal of lying on people searching from where im from and saying shit about where im from because you fail in all what you say about me continue to lye is knowledge for you and your self shooting legs friend Добавлено через 6 минут 18 секунд 5 month claiming i lye i scam i this i that im atm worker, im cop im rat hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha you think people dont look history and post do what you have to do and real recognise real and you not of my team man real player dont have to picture themself they live the life so they dont have to proof someone but little village man eating chips for dinner and go in prison 70 times yes he have a lot to picture no life man i dont care of you but you make the groupy on me so quit my balls third party country man 25000e the m2 , the price of your house you rent, you know dont have to picture myself like you be a racist like you, i live very well don't worry for me make your money with your team enjoy life man because you make nerves on imaginary thing go swim a little bit, maybe you calm or ban me for nothing with your fake claim you just funny man
  9. lebowski - lebowski@jabbim.ru

    little fun you on me like a nervous pretty funny shemal im not serbian again you fail hahahahahaha i never take 1 cent of any help of no one even a country again you fail you like to imagine life to people and even sending me 100000 people in jabber you would always be funny good try how much you have time to lose to do kids thing like that because your shit dont go i dont waste time on you little jungle man you insult nationality and religion im not your friend so shut your little dick talk on me because you just a peace of joke ask him ask him so just want to prove something is not you acting like kid and someone frustrated you a big proud russian but you send women do your job after claiming you a big gangster please stop wasting my time talking shit you a big gangster ok we all understand, you do a lot ask to i dont know who send again think im serbian and arabic hahahahaahahahahahaahahahahaha think i live of help if you want but i see a time of old so called player doing nothing just blabla for audience is funny how much i interest you im so little from your talk but every day you on me with your team rocket dont talk about some group or i dont what i dont know you say if i know what i know and do what i do is not because of doing depression like you over some board playing the older member in your friend list is someone owning me wow wow wow wow like iseeyou you do again the same, claiming someone do something to you and is my friend first you not see what is my contact list someone add me and ? like a little girl, is this the barbie group, get frustrated how much people try to scam or hack me from your contact list ? mister big criminal that mean if a cop or a snitch like xilybox come to you and say something you automaticaly make a story in your head ? man you so much stupid you need picture to prove yourself something you talk about kid but look what you saying man, just read what you say, are you serious 5 min are you the man claiming he is a world gangster with big team big balls like you say ask to my man in moscow if you want what the fuck you think you gonna do man you snitch yourself on board you say im arabic serbian in paris hahahahahahahahahaha wrong you fail so continu to put reflector on you like a little gogodancer and you leave me because you everyday visiting my page what you are a fan? continu to search search more please search every day little boy, do it, you just funny he own me he own me is not me mongol now aka_k4 own me 100 doll he was in need i send he come few time tell me story about if i make him blacklisted and what i answer if i say give me back when you have when you will have give back 2 month, is it in your contact? did i complain to him or someone? no so shut the fuck up 5 min playing the big gangster because when you do something dont say it mongol in place of giving himself flower like a pussy boy ok you a hacker you send money to prison i dont give a fuck man live your life someone argue on me i answer so no scam here is very clear, like before like today and like tomorow enjoy your life too
  10. lebowski - lebowski@jabbim.ru

    for your big information mister creto567e@xmpp.si send a picture .png was infected so please give the proof mister talking of rat's what you get scammed you talk about some work yopu send an infected file to lebowski and what happened you get banned of him you try to send infected file good try now please explain in what here is a scam happenned and because you talk about rat, why you send infected file so mister i think i famous i scam no one and you would found no one i scam if we not agree ona job we stop and that's it maxmalesia making so much money and he is so proud that every day he come on my page thinking he gonna found or see something now you want to post specification i give to you about bank post it and see you need me to do something so now you frustrated man your file is infected so i dont work with you stop talking in russian dont change the truth so you come here say that im a rat in what mongol if we do nothing, in what in what you are complain, like i say to you your file was infected .png picture so who is the rat, who is claiming something false post will prove you send me an infected file before shit on people look who you are you give a text and an email adress, what the fuck you think i gonna do with it come visit maxmalaysia in junggle? like you say we make an accord you send an infected file so no accord anymore even talk with you i dont want and for you information i will do what i have to do without you i dont need you like i already say to you but no you think you special and you done i dont know what you send an infected file and that's the rat way so before talk about rat verify what you send mongol because you talk bad on me like you know me but you not and please post the discussion send infected file = salut Добавлено через 9 минут 14 секунд and we can see stiga adding rep max mamlaza come open mouth and you send me an infected file your method are very hot now we see the level of people making million come on me like i fuck all there business stiga want sim swap nothing for you this dumb send a infected file friend with them but all is cool is me yes is me the big scammer i scam you so much so much i scam man i detect your shitty file even after that you continu so i dont know what else to say but because you want to be an enemy attacking me and is funny is belgium hahahahahahahahaha it was you for the coffee hahahahaha when 3 funny man try to do something hahahaha he is a rat he banned me from he's jabber we agree he say is infected yes is infected and i dont take infected file so you not for that job Добавлено через 3 минуты 56 секунд search more for people i scam search all day search search more because you will found nothing but if i remember four you is not the same case maxmamlaza even your friend say it dont be jealous i dont have to scam for success me in difference of you send money to prison in place of inventing me a life your team go down in days of work wow big gangster Добавлено через 14 минут 45 секунд Информация представляет собой доступ к серверу.... (вход уже для них закрыт но всё же) i enter inside if i want without you and you have to know it, i dont need mail to enter inside just for your knowledge you talk about job in belgium maxmalaisia your big friend and stiga rep so if we remember last story when maxmamlaza post picture of 2 million dollars people im not a kid, i dont enter in your game, i dont have to picture nothing, he send women do carding in store big balls man from vorvzakone mafia LitleStep aka creto567e@xmpp.si come from no where want to work around bank in belgium from no where he come hahahahahahahahahaha then he send me data of email and text to send he try to upload file few time it was not wanting when he success to upload (discover how to hide a malware) i detect it so is normal and any normal brain will banned you now you come here try to complain but i cant understand what is your complain about because i refuse an infected picture im a rat or you a rat send by 2 mongol trying for long to hack me or other and not successing? who diserve to get banned me because i stop all with you at begin or you sending an infected picture so i dont know what you want to prove here only that you funny man and you not success you come ask me to work with you me i dont need you so continu to inventing me a life Добавлено через 22 минуты 14 секунд and where is rasphil giving minus rep ohhhhhhhh he get banned for sure because he was making million legit way hahahahahahahahaha when you try to shit on people or attack them look who your have in front im not a women sender or a scammer i do my job and it work yep older member because of my post and you made on it here you use people been used thinking you a hacker make your own, stop be a middle man and maybe you would do something
  11. Region lock

    ok so we take same bin imagine 453982 1 go to india 1 not is exact same bin he get skimmed in india during travel did the same bin work = answer is nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo next the link i post VISA have an apk and you block it or not so how just a bin can say if blocked or not another answer without logic people think before say something
  12. Region lock

    exemple https://www.regions.com/promo/lockit-card-controls if some one can block or deblock a card himself how can a software know it from a static magstripe data.......impossible the only logic way would be first to look the BIN to know from where is the card and the type of card. next look what country accept that lock region system and then you would make your choice that's even maybe why they sell it to you...
  13. The game finally dead men!

    is darbouse or barbouse pussy with old account and come new post and shit on people account no business for you moron you a dick head searching me and distribute - with multy account clochard search about emv you never gonna scam anymore here you cannot peder enjoy
  14. The game finally dead men!

    batman19 you not put nfc on ATM!!!!!!!!! i say "do nfc on atm" = some ATM have nfc pin withdrawl limited to 100 euros / week mean that with a NFC scan with "nfc proxy" and with the pin you can go take money on that type of ATM that's what i mean in "do nfc on atm" with respect peace ps = in some country is with your smartphone in another is just with the card it depend the country and the bank with just the card and pin = https://www.businessinsider.co.za/yo...-works-2018-11 with smartphone and pin = https://www.greenbot.com/article/308...martphone.html double ps = it let a place to infecting atm, because nfc as mag head or smart card head is recognise as a hid usb, some would like this details to see what can be done.... enjoy
  15. The game finally dead men!

    cartelweed you go blow dick im not your school friend next stupid dumb if you just understand and read what i post but looking not you search for a clic and do moron script kiddies you make 4 post about rubbish thing, no knowledge no way to go and not even something to do you post and insult people without understand my post go get scammed on this board because you search clic and earn funny man you dont know what you talking about no one even talk about rebelle sim here between soccorio the scammer and other saying emv is not possible atm hacker dont know for security on atm just make me laffff a lot with your stupid post going no way just that you have so much balls like other here to use multy account, just continu and enjoy your stupid post mr intelligent