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  1. 1000$ Cash ! FREE EMV ATM AREAS ...Wanted

    u r funny joker proving that u r clone=maxmalesya=Stigai never deal with u before but u put ur nose on thread
  2. 1000$ Cash ! FREE EMV ATM AREAS ...Wanted

    dont waste ur time on this guy. he is worth for nothing.concentrate real guy who know this business. u can earn $ or loose time, dont put ur guy on risk for shit dp
  3. 1000$ Cash ! FREE EMV ATM AREAS ...Wanted

    745203420 is my icq
  4. 1000$ Cash ! FREE EMV ATM AREAS ...Wanted

    DONT WASTE TIME ON IDIOT ON BOTH DUMP OR DP. USELESS TIME WASTER НЕ ТРАТЬТЕ ВРЕМЯ НА ИДИОТ НА ОБОИХ ДАМПЕ ИЛИ DP. БЕСПЛАТНОЕ ВРЕМЯ WASTER after giving dp single dumps will not work plus if work10$ to 20$. if we ask same dumps they will not have. bcoz they might be middle person or dont value of people who enter atm how risky. i judge they give repeated dumps to ur member be care ful both r clone stiga после выдачи дп одиночные дампы не сработают плюс, если работают от 10 до 20 $. если мы попросим такие же свалки у них не будет. Потому что они могут быть средним человеком или не ценят людей, которые входят в банк, насколько рискованно. я считаю, что они дают многократные свалки вашему члену, будьте осторожны, как клон Стига Добавлено через 18 минут 24 секунды dont waste ur time, usless guy. send ur icq or jabber i can give more input of this idiot, repeated dp or dump only Добавлено через 1 минуту 22 секунды all waste dp, dont risk ur guy sending atm . send ur icq or jabber i give more input Добавлено через 2 минуты 4 секунды dont waste ur time on his dp or dump. useless guy, dont send ur guy to atm bcoz all waste Добавлено через 2 минуты 20 секунд dont waste ur time on this idiot dp or dumps waste , speak big in chat but useless dp or dumps. he will kill ur pos
  5. It is required to cash out 201+ pin code

    first why u r not advertise in verified section bro.when i chated with u in jabber u ask 2k to 3k as deposit. then i told 1k deposit u accept but whoever put deposit as grantee in forum will ask which country dp u will provide for us. before u give u ask which country which people want to cashout. second % how much they will pay u
  6. It is required to cash out 201+ pin code

    bro i can cashout ur dp on pos(india) i can pay 30% for u , if its pos bro, (1000$ i put as grantee on forum. if ur dumps support my country
  7. AinsleyBecker - icq 114815662, 745293420

    -1 AinsleyBecker - icq 114815662, 745293420 15-03-2019 18:58 BlackMass go back to ur jypsy country,we dont like ppl like u = first see chat history both english
  8. AinsleyBecker - icq 114815662, 745293420

    https://files.icq.net/get/0ewpOi1fMp...W0R5c8a9ed91be ttps://files.icq.net/get/0ewpOcWL2K9FZUGr5COd3d5c8a9eda1be u can see his decline game. kuwait we get slip decline
  9. AinsleyBecker - icq 114815662, 745293420

    first u will be ban for ur language what u used in thread,its against forum rules, i am not criminal like u bcoz we need good
  10. AinsleyBecker - icq 114815662, 745293420

    No bro.my icq-745293420 . i dont know about other bcoz may be created by this guy. https://www.crdclub.su/showthread.php?t=44509 yesterday in thread i proved both have clone=maxmalesya=Stiga https://www.crdclub.su/showthread.ph...14#post272414- i claimed ur member that both r clone
  11. AinsleyBecker - icq 114815662, 745293420

    fuck u man, i know how u people work ,for pos work no idiot will 70% throught world, what shit we will take, what we give merchand if we give fully to u. 2000rs inr as per urslip u know value for it in usd = 2000rs inr= 28.85$., second 49k rs inr i said it opened in india particular bin not this icq. its not 49 k rs inr, its 5 lakhs inr 7000$ v t (09.03.2019 16:10): bc foreigners dp no more go v t (09.03.2019 16:11): waste time your people and my dumps v t (09.03.2019 16:11):
  12. bro dont trust this guy bro , same he told do with me , i send screenshot