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  1. Document

    I do online Documents like bank ststement id bill I change old Names and info, I do it First and You pay later. No Physical only online !
  2. uk tsb account

    Uk tsb account trade to USA stuff/ cc or logins. Since I dont need uk logins I need USA Deal confirmed through teamviewer You show your stuff I show you mine. Serious only!
  3. I Got uk login Looking for casher

    Looking for uk login casher. Serious Only!
  4. Im looking for fb accounts.

    Im looking for fb accounts. Old accounts latest year 2016. If you have let me know. I pay good price!
  5. High end items partner.

    I do not use icq. Only jabber.
  6. High end items partner.

    Can anyone card here high end items? Min price 1k. Per item. If you are dead serious then i can deposite money here!!
  7. Important For Newbies

    In any business you need to have long experince and a lot skills. If you dont have then you are going to invest your own time and money to learn about business. It might take 5 years if you work hard to succeed. Sometimes it can take longer then 10 years. If you are newbie then prepare yourself to lose money and your time, if you want fast results and you want to start earning money right to way then you should need mentor. Mentor is person who will teach the business and you will work for him. And if you are good you will move up in business But you have to proof yourself first.
  8. Im looking loyal people i have easy job.

    "Your theories might be working" No theories. Here, its like that, you do the job and you get payed. Since you are just the worker you dont need to worry about results.. Of your work.. You get payed just for doing your job First, thats not good attitude you have!! For me the good attitude is important. Ideal person will be someone loyal and with good attitude. By the time when trust and loyality is there you move up.
  9. Im looking loyal people i have easy job.

    Not active, deleted
  10. Where to buy good dumps?

    So where i can buy good dumps. And please dont tell me about bs.. Rippers!! If its easy to find legit and real vendors then i wouldnt open this thread here.
  11. EU Dumps

    Even regular dumps without pins are not easy to find.
  12. EU Dumps

    Its allmost impossible to find legit vendor. Even cant find usa dumps... Most shops are pure scams
  13. Hi uk

    anyone have experince or knowledge about uk finances / phones/ cars? Car lease phone contracts.. Its too difficult ? Thanks !!
  14. I can promote your project.

    I can promote your scam project with % Let me know.