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  1. uk credit reports (wanted)

    Uk credit reports!! (wanted)....No rippers allowed!!,
  2. UK Bins

    @opinion123!!!!! Wtf!! I dont know if you know but that is actually a fake Corona address your giveing out to members of club2, meaning if noobs follow your advise they will be getting scammed! Am going to be keeping my eye on you, just to be sure 2 be sure?
  3. Since major is trash now where can I get some fullz

    That's because people like you make me sick, think you can just come on here and we all roll out the red carpet for you! Get on your knees and start either sucking or praying very hard!! You blind bastard!! No ones going to show or tell you! Get up off your scruffy tramps arse, and go and find your own material/ methods!! Ok mr FBI mr IRS mr ci5 mr mi5....go fuck your dead dog!!!!
  4. N/A - icq 642832951

    @642832951 icq...........this dirty low life nigger ripped me for a scummy 25$.....stay away from this fuck!
  5. Anyone from the UK around\/

    PM me let's talk, were ready to work now!!!
  6. Chinese carders, converge here!

    fuck off now!! alright!!! and don't come back, stupid FOOL!!!!!!
  7. FULLS of Countries

  8. buy uk full info


    Get to fuck off and out of this forum, stupid nigger!! Get back in your mud hut!!! Fucking ripper man!!
  10. Anyone from UK? Want a partner

  11. bank drops supplied........work on%.......no rips/tears)))
  12. BLAKKA - N/A

    BLAKKA THE RIPPER!! HIS NAME Cuckoo123 cuck ICQ......713 771 972.....THIS MUPPET SELL ME 2 UK CC WHAT WER,NT EVEN VALID.....I CHECKED THEM ON MY OWN MERCHANT ACCOUNT WITH WORLD PAY, AND IT SAYS INVALID CC NUMBER......I SENT HIM BTC FOR TEST CC! AND HE SEND ME NUMBERS WHAT HE HAS MADE UP IN HIS HEAD!!!........ANYWAYS HERE IS ALL CHAT LOGS FROM ICQ......PLUS HE HAS BEEN BACK ONLINE 5 TIMES AND HAS NOT ANSWERED ME ONCE?? WTF!!! 11 December HELLO BLACKA.....AM APPLEMAC55 OFF CLUB2CRD........I NEED UK CC? WHAT ARE YOUR PRICES? ALSO I PAY FOR 1 UK CC TO TEST??14:17 Message deleted Message deleted Message deleted Message deleted Message deleted Message deleted Message deleted Message deleted Yesterday Bro18:59 sorry mate for not replying!! head up my arse!!! nothing is going wright! ((((( wtf?? i need help??11:09 Lol11:11 Nothing bro11:11 You asked about UK cc11:11 yes i need please)) i have been bumped by about 4 people(( feel like dog shit!! all,s i want/need is a trusted uk cc seller.....am not asking for the liver of donald trump (lol).......anyways thanks for even reply to me,11:14 I know11:15 Message deleted And if people has bumped you before doesn’t mean everybody over here will bumped you11:16 I know what I sell11:16 I have both UK cc and fullz with dob and sortcode11:16 You can buy few and try11:16 Try my service11:16 i will blakka mate, am just waiting for this btc, then i send it to you matey))11:17 How many will you buy?11:18 And how long will the btc take?11:18 £50 btc.........it wont be long matey))11:20 I just want the time in minutes or hours because of time difference11:21 Because I have to be here when you ready for it11:21 So maybe 30mins or 1hr or more11:21 its 11.20 in the moring here in the uk))11:22 So in how many hours time more will you be ready?11:22 1 hr11:23 Ok11:23 are you just giving me randoms blakka?11:23 please do not send me pre paid debits!!11:24 You need bin?11:24 446274 519958 543429 540758 465858 527669 476356 45397611:29 Ok11:31 I wait for you 1hr11:39 blakka?12:27 Yes12:28 how long do i get to check cards? also i am useing them to do phone orders, so not going on the net.......my orders have to go thru £300 min.....so please give me some decent cc please mate, look i do not fuck with you, if you have got what i need, ill be your best cuzzy matey, plus i can work with you on other things too)))12:30 Ok12:31 Am giving you from your bins12:31 So you know it will work for you12:32 You trust your bins that’s why you buying your bins12:32 Right?12:32 Message deleted TRUE))12:33 Send btc here12:33 BTC SENT) WHATEVER IS THERE JUST PASS CC TO THAT VALUE PLEASE, IF THESE WORK AM BACK HERE EVERY DAY..........DAY IN DAY OUT))))12:35 MY EMAIL CPR020@PROTONMAIL.COM......SEND THERE PLEASE BLAKKA))12:36 How much did you sent?12:39 £27.......PLEASE DONT LAUGH!! AM NOT A TRAMP, ITS ALL I HAD IN THE BTC WALLET FOR NOW, LOOK IF YOU SEND ME 2 GOOD CC, THEN AM BACK FOR MORE? I HAVE TO BE SAFE AND SO DO YOU BLAKKA))12:43 blakka?12:48 Ok12:54 ))12:55 blakka were is the cc please matey?13:04 hello blakka, were is my cc mate?13:34 hello blakka, please answer me soon mate?13:48 mate if you do not answer me soon , i am off on club2crd to open ripper list on you.............13:54 Smh my bro14:14 You reporting because of 30$ ?14:15 Am sending your order now14:15 I was busy14:15 Sorry for delay14:15 thanks B mate)))14:16 cpr020@protonmail.com.......send here please B))14:27 Done14:32 ok i will check now?14:33 no mail yet((14:33 Message deleted just got them now B, going on phone now to use)))) c,mon i need these baby,s to work)))14:35 B , no good lad!! 2 decline..........(((14:50 4462 7418 8801 1831|11 19|443|Inga Trivaliene|Halifax|2 angus street, , Antrim, Antrim|Bt412tn|United Kingdom|07808179315|DOB:15041977|MMN: Irena|Sort C:11-09-88|Bank Acc:12575469:ingatrivaliene@gmail.com|asilas77 5199 5800 2878 8412|09 20|644|David Dix|Mr David O Dix |166 Stiby Road , , Yeovil , Somerset|BA21 3ER|United Kingdom|07434359079|DOB:23101949|MMN: Mitchell |Sort C:08-71-99|Bank Acc:47364805:dixie231@dixie231.plus.com|Murphy1450 dixie231@dixie231.plus.com............these dont work((((, give me live ones please?14:51 BLAKKA YOU HAVE GIVE ME 2 DEAD CC......WTF???????15:11 BLAKKA!! AM GOING ON CLUB2CRD NOW AND SHOW EVERYONE YOUR A LOW LIFE RIPPER!! THEM CC NUMBERS ARNT EVEN VALID, YOU SCRUFFY CUNT!!! I HAVE PUT THEM THRU MY OWN MERCHANT ACCOUNT WITH WORLD PAY.......AND THE NUMBERS ARNT VALID......IN OTHER WORDS......YOU MADE THEM UP............YOUR A FUCKING MAGGOT YOU!!!! CANT WAIT TO POST THIS CHAT LOG!!!!15:28
  13. nod32-777 - www.pp24.ws

    22.09.2018 09:16:33 | Administrative message | read rules about newbies. no refund. 21.09.2018 18:40:50 | Your message | 4147202193393541 11/22 814 Laura Rash USA 13621 Pin Oak,405-408-4694 21.09.2018 18:37:17 3.00$ Check 2 4147202069148003 09/18 559 Peggy Grunow USA 2308 Brookside Ave.,405-818-2380 21.09.2018 18:37:17 1.50$ Check 3 4147098651296949 07/20 717 Kari Holland USA 5907 Newport dr ,Edmond ,4058180705; 21.09.2018 18:33:30 3.00$ Check 4 4356854000273682 09/18 890.......REFUND 21.09.2018 11:10:40 | Administrative message | others refunded 4658594395237018:2006 00 Approval 0.58 OK 32536:FL:OKALOOSA:CRESTVIEW September 20 2018, 01:56:10 20.09.2018 22:32:29 | Your message | 4319410184624806 12/22 368......REFUND ALL THREE, THERE DEAD MATE......WHO HAS GOT THE BEST UK BASE I CANNOT AFFORD TO BUY NO GOOD CC IT IS RUINING MY WORK 20.09.2018 21:52:52 | Your message | 4544349106149442 05/21 519.....refund 20.09.2018 21:51:32 | Your message | 4658389298951546 06/19 288......refumd 20.09.2018 09:57:07 | Administrative message | 4658594395237018:2006 00 Approval 0.58 — others refunded 19.09.2018 18:31:30 | Your message | 4658504335346902 05/19 660 C mcbratney GBR 33 templeburn road crossbar CO down bt309ng 19.09.2018 17:52:58 5.00$ Check 2 4909721798849985 01/19 355 Mr T G McPolin GBR 33 Downpatrick RoadBallynahinchCo DownBT24 8SH 19.09.2018 17:52:58 5.00$ Check 3 4462234860884400 06/19 862 Graham Mc Keever GBR Antrim 19.09.2018 17:52:58 5.00$ Check 4 4658594395237018 06/20 194 A.wells GBR 49 Cushenny RoadPortadown 19.09.2018 17:52:58 5.00$ Check 5 4319416150061303 09/18. MATE ALL DEAD HAVE YOU READ MY LAST MESSAGE MATE 19.09.2018 17:14:35 | Your message | 4319416150061303 09/18 662.......MATE THIS NOT WORK....A MATE WHOS GOT THE BEST CC FOR UK.....I WILL EVEN PAY MORE THAN YOUR ASKING IF YOU GET ME THE BEST ONES...I GIVE YOU £15 EACH....WHAT YOU SAYING?? 19.09.2018 09:52:56 | Administrative message | refunded 18.09.2018 19:28:30 | Your message | MATE THIS CC DOES NOT WORK5522898002731185 09/18 412 18.09.2018 19:00:56 | Your message | LAD WE NEED HELP WITH THESE 2 CC KID, THERE NOT WORKING((((((4751100011613156 10/18 615 christina simpson GBR 11 dartan ree tynan co.armagh 18.09.2018 18:55:01 5.00$ Good 2 4658500292423205 01/21 727 DAN SCULLION AWCF GBR 33 Mayagoney Road Portglenone Co.Antrim BT448JG...........JUST BOUGHT ALL THESE CC OF PP24.WS AND EVERY ONE OF THEM DEAD!! SUPPORT SAYING NO REFUNDS! AS WERE NEWBIES (WTF) THIS SHOP ARE CUNTS, THEY PUT UP FAKE UPLOADS WHAT ARE ALREADY DEAD, STAY AWAY FROM THIS SHIT CC SHOP!!!! WASTE OF TIME/MONEY.....SUPPORT ARE RIPPERS!!!!!
  14. N/A - www.bulldogshop.vip