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  1. do 201s ask for pins?

    i had no idea this was a thing. is there a way around it or is this one of the reasons you should have cash on you at all times?
  2. do 201s ask for pins?

    thx man, so when it's time to start hitting the 201s, stick to credit?
  3. do 201s ask for pins?

    swiped my personal debit card at a food spot and it asked for a pin. is this because it is debit or is all 201s? my personal 101 credit never asks for a pin. or is it because it was 101 and there was no dip attempt (their pos didn't have dip) that the swipe asked for pin?
  4. Changing Name on Dump

    not op but thx. new to the game and needed to confirm this.
  5. Education Hacker needed

    if you find someone that can do this lmk lol
  6. X2 chip software

    bought it from somewhere. pretty sure its bullshit. incorrectly wrote expiration date on every card i wrote.