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  1. Verifone vx670 skimmer

    I sell verifone software for offline pos With source code and compiler full
  2. any real cashier for d+p ? 201

    the thing is no body wants to put money in escrow. how the hell can i get a real cashier , a honest one..
  3. any real cashier for d+p ? 201

    i need cashier for d+p for long term any faggot trying to abuse or try to make smart steps will be eliminated immediately. bins i got : 534870 532828 510830 5348700 serious real people only pm me.
  4. Take care...

    lol stupid thread
  5. EMV software

    emvchipso.com but it's high priced and not cheap
  6. MAGSPOOF - EMV+PIN+HW {Hardware}

    nice movie lol , wtf is this! a nice new way to scam
  7. Pidgin ICQ sign in Error , any clue?

    are you sure that it stopped supporting a third party?
  8. Pidgin ICQ sign in Error , any clue?

    Received unexpected response from https://api.icq.net/aim/startOSCARSession can't sign in with my ICQ on pidgin anymore this happened from 1 month and the fault is still there. anyone can help me with this? configurations change? anything?
  9. p.o.s skimmer

    I have this soft and i ll give you the less price hit me pm
  10. emv chip soft

    go for emvchipso.com