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    Mailer Inbox 100% https://ckk.ai/EBbj

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  4. The best site for all carders 1000% legt

    2day I`m sharing here ma experience which i faced n saw many people going through of it so i thought i should give little suggestions by experience so all d newbies carders face one big prblem of getting good cvv n for dis yall try many sites n i`m damm sure most sites selling shitty cards n yall fails in ur carding n u loose ur hope n go for any other carders n der also uyall get ripped by dem n keep loosing yall money on getting a nice n good cvv but der r only few sites which provides good cvv`s N one of dem is jstash.bzar i thought i should try all other few sites but i never moved to other sites since i`ve started using jstash its pretty good sites n have good stuffs so if u gius wanna get sime good stuffs lilke dem guve a try @ jatsah i bet u will never loose ur money :yoba
  5. FreeAmazonprimemethod

    First go to amazon and make a new Account 2. Go to this link http://fake-it.cc 3. Start the 30 Days free Trial on Amazon 4. You paste the dates from fake-it at amazon 5.After the 30 Days your account will automatically get Prime - For free
  6. Pornsite Carding method 2k18

    Pornsite Carding method Hello everyone, im giving away the all Pornsite carding methods for example Brazzers and all others that are shown as ads on the brazzers site (All one's that uses CentroBill) Step 1: Turn on VPN with Location GERMANY, (HMA or any premium vpn is recommended) Don't forget to clear cookies & history Cool Step 2: Go to the site you want, exp brazzers.com Step 3: Select a membership and putin your desired login details and select Payment Type: Lastchrift Step 3: Now type-in your email and select SEPA DIRECT DEBIT as payment Step 4: Now go to https://fake-it.cc/?for_country=de and use Germany (DE) infos. Dont forget to check the iban first if it is good. Step 5: Enter the details taken from fake-it.cc, check the box and hit Pay Now ! Now some people may have a problem of online bank payment just hit back and type-in the details again if it continues do it until it ask's for phone number then continue to Step 6. Step 6: It ask's for phone number. Use yours and don't be afraid nothing will happen, or if you have a good private virtual one use it. Don't need to be only German number, you can select every country in the list. Step 7: Success 100 % ! checked 2/7/18
  7. Over the years, I've come across dozens of procedure lists for top-tier merchants regarding online transations and fraud reduction. I'll detail several companies verification procedures below. While most virtual carders are aware of the various procedures in place to verify orders placed online, few actually understand the implementation of fraud scoring, and the order in which these verification methods are used. The Risk Management Toolkit • AVS • CVV • IP/GEO/BIN • Cardholder Authentication (VbV/MSC) • Phone Verifications • Manual Order Reviews • Chargebacks & Representments • PCI Compliance & Data Security AVS - Address Verification Service How It Works •Provides a Match or Non-Match Result for only the Billing Street # and Billing Zip Code… not the actual address. (i.e. “1234 Test Street” is parsed into “1234” just the same as “1234 Wrong Way” would be). Implementation •Available on any Internet merchant account and virtually any Payment Gateway. •Most gateways provide an AVS configuration area where you can specify whether you want to automatically“decline” (i.e. do not settle) an authorization that has an AVS mis-match or non-match. Benefits •Easy to implement Limitations •Works only for U.S., CND, U.K. cardholders so this does not help you scrub most international transactions. •A growing % of compromised credit cards – especially those obtained through inside jobs or hacked databases– will also contain the necessary information to provide a valid AVS match result. Recommendation •If you handle a mix of int’l and U.S. sales, you will want consider scrubbing with AVS on the U.S. transactions but do NOT scrub via AVS for any international transactions as they will always fail. AVS should not beconsidered a primary means of verifying the validity of a transaction. Nearly 20% of the fraud can potentially be eliminated by scrubbing “Non-Matched” AVS match results. CVV – Card Verification Value How It Works •A service with many names – CVV2, CVC2, CID – but the premise is the same for all. •Provides a Match or Non-Match Result for the 3-digit or 4-digit number embossed on the back of the cardholder’s card. The CVV is NOT generally encoded on the magnetic stripe and therefore is less likely to be captured as part of a card skimming tactic. Implementation •Available on any Internet merchant account and virtually any Payment Gateway. •Most gateways provide an CVV configuration area where you can specify whether you want to automatically “decline” (i.e. do notsettle) an authorization that has an CVV non-match or non-entry. Benefits •Works for virtually ALL cardholder accounts – both U.S. and international. •There is no valid reason why a legitimate cardholder, in pos******* of the card, would not be able to enter a 100% matching numberfor this. •Merchants are not allowed to store CVV and as such the CVV # is less vulnerable than the data used for AVS. Limitations •CVV data can only be used for a real-time transaction. CVV data can not be stored and therefore can not be utilized for Recurring Transactions. Recommendation •CVV is a recommended service to utilize for ALL initial transactions processed. Based on our internal charge-back analysis, merchants can reduce their fraud ratesby as much as 70% by simply requiring a matching CVV result. IP/GEO/BIN Scrubbing How It Works •Compares the IP address of the customer purchasing with their stated geographic location (i.e. why is the customer from California ordering from Europe?) •Compares the BIN # (first 6 digits) of the credit card with the IP or stated geographic location of the customer (i.e. the customer isusing an US-issued credit card but they are from Europe?) •Based on the IP and BIN # and other customer-inputted data, a vast amount of information can be returned on the transaction. Implementation •Custom direct integration into a service such as MaxMind.com •Use an existing integration that is part of a Shopping Cart such as X-Cart, LiteCommerce, osCommerce, ZenCart,ASPDotNetStorefront. •Use an existing integration that is part of a Billing System such as WHMCompleteSolution, ClientExec or Ubersmith. •Use an existing integration that is part of a Payment Gateway such as the Quantum Payment Gateway. Benefits •Fast, Cost Effective and Non-Intrusive •Provides merchants with an excellent “do the pieces fit consistently?” analysis. •Can block up to 89% of all fraud if properly implemented Limitations •Generally not reliable for AOL users due to the way that AOL routes its traffic (AOL users require a merchant-specific approach) •Proxy database is always in a real-time process of being updated as new proxies open up. Recommendation •IP/GEO/BIN fraud scores should be used in the order evaluation process more as a means of flagging transactions as “high risk” formore intensive scrubbing vs. being an outright decline. Examples of what IP Geo-Location can tell you: YELLOW ALERTS •Free E-mail Address: is the user ordering from a free e-mail address? •Customer Phone #: does the customer phone # match the user’s billing location? (Only for U.S.) •BIN Country Match: does the BIN # from the card match the country the user states they are in? •BIN Issuing Bank Name: does the user’s inputted name for the bank match the database for that BIN? •BIN Phone Match: does the customer service phone # given by the user match the database for that BIN? RED ALERTS •Country Match: does the country that the user is ordering from match where they state they are ordering from? •High Risk Country: is the user ordering from one of the designated high risk countries? •Anonymous Proxy & Proxy Score: what is the likelihood that the user is utilizing an anonymous proxy? •Carder E-mail: is the user ordering from an e-mail address that has been used for fraudulent orders? •High Risk Username/Passwords: is the user utilizing a username or password used previously for fraud? •Ship Forwarding Address: is the user specifying a known drop shipping address IP/GEO/BIN Scrubbing (Continued) Open/Anonymous Proxies: an open proxy is often a compromised “zombie” computer running a proxy service that was installed by a computer virus or hacker. The computer is then used to commit credit card fraud or other illegal activity. In some circumstances, an open proxy may be a legitimate anonymizing service that is simply recycling its IP addresses. Detecting anonymous proxies is always an on going battle as new ones pop up and may remain undetected for some time. 26% of orders placed with from open proxies on the MaxMind min Fraud service ended up being fraudulent. Extra verification steps are strongly recommended for any transaction originating from anopen/anonymous proxy. High-Risk Countries: these are countries that have a disproportionate amount of fraudulent orders, specificallyEgypt, Ghana, Indonesia, Lebanon, Macedonia, Morocco,Nigeria, Pakistan, Romania, Serbia and Montenegro, Ukraine and Vietnam. 32% of orders placed through the MaxMind min Fraud service from high-risk countries were fraudulent. Extra verification steps should be required for any transaction originating from a high risk country. Country Mismatch: this takes place when the IP geolocation country of the customer does not match their billing country. 21% of orders placed with a country mismatch on the MaxMind m******* service ended up being fraudulent. Extra verification steps are recommended for any transaction with a country mismatch. Results that speak for themselves: ChangeIP – is a DNS and domain name registration provider. The company provides free and custom Dynamic DNS services to more than 50,000 users. Before implementing MaxMind, ChangeIP was losing as much as $1,000 per month because it sold instantly delivered digital goods and could not recover the losses if the purchase turned out to be fraudulent. After implementing MaxMind, losses were reduced by 90%. MeccaHosting – is a Web hosting company based in Colorado. Since integrating MaxMind, Mecca Hosting has not received a single chargeback. On average, 12-15 fraudulent orders pass through the in-house checks each month but are flagged by MaxMind. Over the last 5 months, this has saved MeccaHosting atleast 60 chargebacks and $6,000 in unnecessary costs. Red Fox UK – is a Web hosting provider and software development company based in the UK which offers solutions for smalland medium sized businesses all over the world. By using MaxMind, Red Fox UK was able to increase its revenue by 4% while reducing its chargebacks by 90%. 365 Inc. – is a digital media and e-tailer specializing in soccer & rugby with a large international customer base that processes over 10,000 transactions per month. By integrating MaxMind, chargebacks were reduced byover 96% from more than $10,000 per month to less than $500 per month. At this point, most charge backs are general order disputes as opposed to fraud.
  8. How to change VBV (USA bins)

    this method works only for small banks. With SSN you can reset any bank but without SSN resetting VBV works for only handful BIN. 1. When buy CCs from any autoshop, search for CCs excluding 4 big banks (citi, BoA, Chase, wells fargo) 2. you should buy only if the card has email & phone number. Order one card per bank. so you can test which bank ask for which info. 3. small banks has many different rules to set/reset VBV or MSC. Some ask only for DOB, some ZIP, some ask email, Some ask combination two or three. 4. Now Check if Which bank allow resetting 3D secure code without SSN. Hopefully you will get one out of ten. I tried 7 small bank and found one which allow resetting 3D code just by entering correct ZIP!
  9. This is complete newbie guide to build centos server to host your command and control panel. Requirements: - Virtual Private Server based on Centos 6 and located in offshore location. Dont bother to install http controller in free hosting or ONshore server. You will be banned very fast and you will lose your money due to violating TOS. - VPS root access. - botnet panel files, builder or build connected with your domain. - bulletproof domain 1. First of all update your server and install wget. Sometimes you may be asked few times for confirmation, just press Y and ENTER: Code: sudo yum update sudo yum install wget 2. Install apache and run it: Code: sudo yum install httpd sudo service httpd start 3. Install PHP. Sometimes newest version of PHP is required, in that case we will install php and upgrade it using REMI and EPEL repositories: - Install PHP: Code: sudo yum install php - Install the Remi and EPEL RPM repositories: Code: wget https://dl.fedoraproject.org/pub/epe...t-6.noarch.rpm && rpm -Uvh epel-release-latest-6.noarch.rpm wget http://rpms.famillecollet.com/enterp...-release-6.rpm && rpm -Uvh remi-release-6*.rpm - You need to enable the REMI repository globally. I will use VIM - free text editor. Quick guide: if you press INSERT you will be able to edit document and if you press ESC you will be in command mode. Type the following command: Code: vim /etc/yum.repos.d/remi.repo Press INSTERT and under the section [remi] and [remi-php56] change the following line from 0 to 1: enabled=0 Now press ESC and type the following command: Code: :wq Now you can upgrade your php: Code: sudo yum -y upgrade php* 4. Install MYSQL server. We will use official REMI repositories. Install and activate the REMI and EPEL RPM Repositories If you have not done so already, install and activate the REMI and EPEL repositories; Code: wget https://dl.fedoraproject.org/pub/epe...t-6.noarch.rpm && rpm -Uvh epel-release-latest-6.noarch.rpm wget http://rpms.famillecollet.com/enterp...-release-6.rpm && rpm -Uvh remi-release-6*.rpm Code: sudo yum install mysql mysql-server - now run mysql: Code: sudo service mysqld start - using this commands you can upgrade and check what version of mysql you use: Code: yum -y update mysql* rpm -qa | grep mysql 5. Install additional libraries. Few botnets require addidtional php libraries. For example Zyklon HTTP require php-gd library for captcha. We will install few standard libraries: Code: sudo yum install php-mysql php-pdo php-common php-cli php-gd 6. Now we need to install Ioncube Loader. Download it from https://www.ioncube.com/loaders.php I use centos 6 64bit so i choosed linux 64 bit. You can see a lot of files in archive, which Ioncube loader is the right one ? Depends on your PHP version. Type the following command: Code: php -v In that case i have installed PHP 5.6 so i copy the following file: ioncube_loader_lin_5.6 to my server. You need to copy it to: /usr/lib64/php/modules/ioncube_loader_lin_5.6.so Do it in ftp client if u want. Now you need to edit php.ini file. Its located in /etc/php.ini We will use vim again: Code: vim /etc/php.ini Press INSERT and add the following line at the top of the file. This is just path to Ioncube loader. Version of Ioncube loader must match with PHP version. Code: zend_extension = /usr/lib64/php/modules/ioncube_loader_lin_5.6.so Now restart apache&mysql and check if its installed correctly: Code: service httpd restart service mysqld restart php -v 7. Dealing with mysql: - Run mysql installation script: Code: mysql_secure_installation You will be able to setup new root password to your mysql. To other questions just answer yes. - Now log in to mysql: Code: mysql -u root -p - Create new database: Code: create database NameOfYourDatabase; - Create new user with privileges and refresh it: Code: CREATE USER 'NameOfYourUser'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'PasswordForYourUser'; GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON NameOfYourDatabase . * TO 'NameOfYourUser'@'localhost'; FLUSH PRIVILEGES; 8. Dealing with panel: - Copy panel files to /var/www/html/YourDirectory/ - Go to yourdomain.xx/YourDirectory/setup.php or similar name. You may use your server ip instead of domain name. Fill all fields, similar to this: Code: sql host: localhost or sql user: NameOfYourUser database name: NameOfYourDatabase panel admin login: YourLoginToPanel panel admin pass: YourPassToPanel connection key: Usually you can generate it in your builder 9. Dealing with builder: - If you already got your executable file you may miss this step. Usually in domain/ip tab you add your domain/ip and in path you add path(YourDirectory) to your gate. You should have example in builder. 10. Last words: - Always check your executable file in virtual machine.
  10. Shopify Cashout Method [CHECKED]

    Welcome to Shopify Cashout Method FIRST STEP: We use Shopify because it’s simply the best platform to use.. Shopify is the best to use because there is no coding required, no experience needed and you can get a store up and running with no design skills! This makes things very easy when it comes to creating your first drop shipping store and making your first dollar online. FREE TRIAL > Shopify.com (14 days free) NEXT STEP: Activate Your Store And Choose A Plan The suggestion here would be to select the $79 plan. You get advanced reporting options and cheaper transaction fees. In fact I HIGHLY recommend this plan. It’s a great option to get all the great features. The basic plan is also fine but you won’t get the great reporting and other advanced features. You can choose your plan by going to the ACCOUNT tab in Shopify. Your FREE trial will still be activated and last for 14 days. Once this is over then your plan will start. Shopify really is the best platform for this, it’s setup perfectly for this type of method. You won’t be charged on the free trial but it’s best to activate a plan early to get the features. DuDe Click on the image to see full Size Greetings ATN-TeAm (You must pay that using legit cc if you don’t have 79$ , try with 29$...don’t worry you will get it back , the idea here is you must buy it in legal way ) Why u need to pay ? because you will success and after u start making big money account will be banned so pay the money and then u will get it back for sure ! ) NEXT STEP: Understanding How Drop Shipping Works It’s important to understand how this method works. What we do is sell products online that we don’t even own! That’s right we hold no products. We spend $0 on products upfront. We only spend money on the products when we purchase them but we send them straight to the customer who placed an order on our Shopify Store. We already have the money from the customer before we even place the order for the product. We spend no money upfront on products. This is a great way to start online if you have a small budget. We use a website called Aliexpress (more on this site soon) to find out products. This is the only drop shipping website you need. There are lots more out there but this one is the best NEXT STEP: Importing Products With Oberlo When adding products to our sites and placing orders on Aliexpress we use an app called Oberlo. This makes things alot easier and automates everything for you. Trust me this app makes things A LOT easier. I’m going to give you a rundown on how this Shopify App works. The first step is to go to Oberlo and download the app. It’s FREE! FREE OBERLO HERE > Oberlo.com The next step is to make sure you downloaded the chrome extension! This is going to make it so much easier for you. When you’re searching on Aliexpress you can add products straight to your Shopify store using the Oberlo app. Just find a product then click “Add To Import List” This will add the product to your Shopify store. Just like this… One you have imported a product it will now be in your Oberlo import list. What you need to do now is go to your apps in Shopify and click “Oberlo” Then go to your import list to customize the product and add it to your store. DuDe Click on the image to see full Size Greetings ATN-TeAm Once in the Import list you can edit the product. You can edit things like description as you can see in the Image above. Once you have done this all you need to do is click “Push to Shop” and it’s then added to your store. Now the next step is to know how to full orders when you get them, this is really easy. When you get an order go into the Oberlo app again then click orders from the left side panel. All of your latest orders will show up and you can simple place the orders and it will do everything for you… any I mean EVERYTHING. Oberlo is amazing it will go to Aliexpress and do everything for you like put in the customer details etc and place the order. DuDe Click on the image to see full Size Greetings ATN-TeAm That’s all there is to it! Oberlo is super easy and will make everything automatically happen when it comes to placing orders. NEXT STEP: Getting Traffic To Your Shopify Store Now that you have an awesome store setup it’s time to get some traffic. Most of us use facebook adverts and Instagram shoutouts to get our traffic. What we do with Facebook is target people we think will be interested in our products. We then start a facebook advert that cost us a few dollars a day to run. Once we get a winning advert we scale that advert up for more profits. With instagram we contact influencers with lots of followers and pay them to promote our products. This is also a great way to get really targeted traffic to your product. Now illegal ways: All that was to show you how drop shipping works..you can watch videos on youtube step by step It’s very easy and people quit jobs to do that.. So Now How we will make so much money fast and easy ? OPTION 1 : 1-You need facebook page & instagram acc 2-Share ur products to facebook and instagram… 3-card facebook ads to get many people to view ur products and buy 4-use auto like this one for instagram http://ighoot.com auto liker +auto follower that’s all ,it’s very easy to use all u need is some marketing stuffs OPTION 2: After u buy Shopify domain Share ur site to all carding forums and just say site is cardable… and just wait lol You will be amazed how many people will start carding Well nothing to lose for you just sit down and watch number getting up and up so fucking fast OPTION 3: After ur shop is ready Card it by ur self lol using atn cc How ? -Use socks to change IP + Computer time &chose a product and card it to you Or card it for people ( carding services ) Or just card the item to cc adresse lol You will make money in all ways . That’s all ! RECAP! Alright so I’ve showed you how we earn a living online by using Shopify to drop ship products online. This is one of the best methods to date because it actually works! This isn’t like all those other BS method you have heard about. This method is helping people quit their 9-5 job. So let’s recap some steps Step 1 Start a Shopify store so you have a place to sell products from. This store is going to be your main hub that you send traffic to. Step 2 Find a product to sell on Aliexpress, add that product to your store using Oberlo. Also if you can add more product because people sometimes buy more than one product. Step 3 Make sure your store looks good but is also very basic with no distractions. We want to buyer to be concentrating on buying products. Step 4 Use Facebook and Instagram to drive traffic to your website. Make sure your traffic is niche specific, so target people who will actually have an interest in your products.
  11. Carding Tutorial FULL {for beginners and pros}

    Carding Tutorial FULL {for beginners and pros} Its always good to share and help others. So im doing my bit. Below is a carding guide written by myself - perfect for those noobs starting off. Dont no one have a go at me for anything, there may be spelling mistakes, there may be certain aspects that others wont agree with. If you have something to add which is helpful then great. Otherwise keep it to yourself - no one can complain about free info, especially something like this which others are charging for. Good look to those who use this, show a little appreciation by liking the post, only if you found it helpful . Lets start making some money, Please also share tips, any new sites you find cardable and what you encountered throughout the process i.e did they call, what amount you carded for, bill/ship or bill=ship etc. PS - there may be certain (minor) aspects which are outdated, i wrote this a short while back, its all valid, but things may have improved in certain aspects. ================ W H A T W E N E E D
  12. fuck amazon and get btc at the same time

    OK HERE WE GO...Sounds crazy but its very true and very very easy to card bitcoin and fuck amazon at the same time. Just pay attention and do as I say. If you havent got your phone number you may wanna take care of that now because you will need it, then go here https://purse.io/. Register your account using whatever info you plan on using to card with and get urself verified. The amount of verification they will ask for solely depends on what you do, for example trying to register an account using a billing address from Alaska when you have pakistan socks and pacific time zone. That kinda shit will fuck you up everytime so pay attention. If you run firefox you will also want to set about:config/mediapeer:connections to disable by default. That setting if enabled will broadcast your internal IP, and well thats not good is it. Ok after register click "earn" and you will be taken to a bunch of order requests made by other members. Choose an order that is within your site set limits, follow the corresponding instruction. Long story short if you can card amazon, then place the order you chose, pay for it using whatever, submit your purchase proof, product ships, you get paid in bitcoin for your troubles. Fuck amazon, card bitcoin..same time..done!! I guarantee you will not find this on any other forum..this shits mine..from me, to you..go get some..STAY TUNED FOR MORE
  13. card Bypass 3DS-VBV 2k18

    This method will allow you to card very easily a lot of product, even of the high-tech with most of the time a withdrawal of your article the same day of the card therefore hyper safe for the drop. Even if you do not know anything about carding you will get your eyes closed with a bit of seriousness. Prerequisites : - CC full infos fresh obviously - tel + sim anon - mail anon on behalf of cc - scan cni - of the basic SE (you are no more con than another) - card prepared well For this method we go card of the big sign of the type BUT / DARTY / LA FNAC simply by telephone, I quote only those that I tested and succeeded. Indeed the fact of placing the order by telephone allows to bypass the 3ds and the vbv even for amounts of 1K: P You will have to prepare well your card card with all your fake infos on your ID as well as on that of your cc (for the cc especially check the bin for the banking establishment, level eetc ...) EVERY CARD ON BEHALF OF CC, and for drop you will be the son or husband etc. It is up to you to master your character in the smallest details because it can happen that one of your interlocutors ask you questions to the con of the type employment but it is very rare. Find your SE kind, gift for my son who lives in marseille and i live in paris i could not be present for his birthday so i would like to order his gift from a distance so that he can have it quickly in going (Which will make them understand that it is you who had your cc in your hands and not your son so as to avoid being asked to present it when the article is withdrawn; I also used the SE boss type that sends an employee to search for his order, for a good scoring a nominative mail type company. As much as you say that these numbers are overtaxed for the most part therefore managed a good recharge for your sim but it is possible to get reminded and it is even better for your scoring because your interlocutors will be so eager to finalize its Sale with you "and yes percentage in his pocket ^^". So kind of, well I did not know I could order directly over the phone I just wanted some information about that item. Can you guarantee me that my bank details will not be hacked? etc., etc ... 2 possibilities of drop available to you: * Withdrawal store within hours ADVANTAGES: hyper rapid drop therefore no risk of investigation in the hours that follow DISADVANTAGES: In store many camera so you have to do the necessary to secure your face with cap, glasses or other: ph34r :. DC application risk and presentation of withdrawal code or withdrawal order * Withdrawal in pr or drop fixed about 48h later if you order in the morning, so as a "real" card and your scan cni will suffice If you managed your crisis well you will only have to wait for about 2 hours in order to receive your confirmation mail with withdrawal voucher and sometimes sms withdrawal code to present to the withdrawal department of the store to be able to go dropped In the wake your article (s) checked 24/5/18