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  1. come online i provide a test
  2. $150 , includes hosting and fud crypt.
  3. why idiots keep commenting shit on my thread. tools is sold on hf since 2016 and still selling.. product still working. whats your problem with it ? you dont want to buy it just ignore and move on. stop posting shit on my thread
  4. did i mention it anywhere i am the author ? lot of botnets e.g zeus, citadel, etc has many sellers, does it say they are the author ? Добавлено через 2 минуты 40 секунд do you assume everyone on the net reselling soft are scammers ? do you even think the person on hf is the author ? read through his thread and you will see someone else selling same bot on underground tor forum and he is aware of it. so, buy soft if you want to buy and stop talking about authors or not. Добавлено через 1 минуту 53 секунды you are wrong if you think that author is the real owner but not here to argue about authors. i am here to sell soft. if you are interested to buy. chat me , if you not interested. its needless to post on thread. thanks. Добавлено через 13 минут 41 секунду i hope this is clear enough.
  5. Botnet Setup ( Formgrabber, Keylogger, Stealer )

    this botnet is advance internet activity logging software coded in ASM/C which means it doesn***8217;t require any dependency. it also a great application to take full control of your business. Features - Stable - Coded in ASM/C (x86 & x64) - Full PE-Injection - Unicode Support - Hidden Startup - Ring3 Kit - Encrypted Communication - Works on all versions of Windows - Bypasses anti keylogger and all key scramblers - Full Access - Browser Password Recovery (Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, IE, Safari, Tor Browser & 38 other browsrs) - File Manager - Secure PHP Panel, Free updates, Small stub (130kb/RAW & 85kb Compressed),Download & Execute, - Browser Formgrabber (HTTP-HTTPS-SPDY-HTTP/2,Keystroke, Clipboard), - Password recovery (Outlook, Thunder Bird, Skype, Pidgin, icq, Filezilla & 38 other softawres) SCREENSHOT. main panel screenshlot formgrabber keylogger stealer screenshots commands export logs want a copy or want to test it first to see how it works ? contact me on Skype: S3ller@protonmail.ch jabber: s3ller@exploit.im
  6. Looking for PoS botnet

    i have one. if you want.. chat me up
  7. sur23, you can add me on jabber , unknown@jodo.im
  8. i have smoke botnet. i offer setup service. i setup it, fud it and ready to use. screenshot of botnet Victims List Stealer ( some logs have been deleted for privacy reasons. but you can see firefox, chrome and opera.. actually steals from all browser viewing page of stealer: Formgrabber , Grab all forms data from victims, all browsers too Keylogger The keylogger logs are not shown on the panel but you can access it via ftp due to too many reports. Miner this also have a miner, which means all victims can automatically become mining for you. another sweet function is hidden teamviewer, you can access victim pc realtime via a hidden teamviewer session. it displays their id and pass of hidden tv there if activated this is a very good botnet and native too. i use a private crypter for this as almost all HF crypters are total shit. if you are interested , we can discuss more and strike a deal. SKYPE: live:hackademics_1