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  1. Guyz , where do you get your CCs from?

    I've been doing carding for a while. Which shops do you mostly use to order CCs? Can someone tell me if epicmarket is a good ccshop? Thanks!
  2. Hi , I need an offshore bank account in Hong Kong. Also looking for a job coding related. If someone knows anything or can do something , PM me.
  3. Which OS shoud I use for carding?

    Yeah I know , I started carding and I managed to do it the good way. RDP is always a good choice.
  4. Which OS shoud I use for carding?

    Do they actually have good cards? Yeah I know , that's why I said that lol. Can you link those?
  5. Which OS shoud I use for carding?

    Yeah , I'm talking about carding obviously. I think it's a bad idea to deal via Jabber or ICQ because you don't have escrow and there's an high chance of being scammed.
  6. Which OS shoud I use for carding?

    I'm a beginner in carding (though I'm not not a noob in security). I would use a Linux host + VM , but I don't know which OS I should use in the VM. Where do you usually get your cards informations? There are so many scammers.
  7. beginner questions

    The setup could be good , but it would extremely slow down your computer. I'd suggest putting off the VPN in the VM and leave something like this: Ubuntu VPN MAC spoofed VM with windows antidetect and socks5
  8. Comment below if you're interested. My friend coded a botnet in C and would like to sell it here through me. I will let everyone know the features if you're interested. Escrow accepted.
  9. [TUTORIAL][FOR NEWBIES] How to setup HTTP BOTNET panel

    Do you know where can I get a bulletproof/offshore server?
  10. Botnet Setup ( Formgrabber, Keylogger, Stealer )

    lol "Cracked". As everyone already stated, the tool has been on HF since 2016. It's pointless to come here and sell it 2 years later.
  11. Botnet Setup ( Formgrabber, Keylogger, Stealer )

    He's surely not the author lol. Either a scammer or they just managed to get the botnet somewhere.
  12. lampeduza.la is back!! WTF? COPS

    It's a known scam. You'll pay to get in , but nothing will happen. 100% guaranteed. This question has been discussed on another carding forum.
  13. TunnelBear VPNhow to get unlimited accounts

    lol I had thought about that method , now you gave me proof it works lmao.
  14. TunnelBear VPNhow to get unlimited accounts

    Not to act like the person who ruins everything here , but Tunnelbear is NOT definitely safe for illegal activities because they log everything , so keep that in mind before doing anything wrong with it. Good luck on the forum though! Hope you establish a good reputation.