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  1. cardable 2018 sites

    Great one.
  2. need partners in : next countries

    Polox, what exactly you need ? Please elaborate .
  3. long-term partner

    I am available brother. Pm your jabber to me.
  4. thechoosen1 - choosen1@creep.im

    @ Admin Mak director have not yet funded my MUSD.
  5. thechoosen1 - choosen1@creep.im

    Sincere appreciation for your fair judgment @ Mak. The truth in this matter is obvious. I await my MUSD to be funded tonite.
  6. thechoosen1 - choosen1@creep.im

    Look at it above, he sent to me in pm . Добавлено через 6 минут 27 секунд We talked on jabber about the MUSD but I asked him that I am comfortable dealing with him on forum and requested he send me his wallet in forum pm which he did and I sent him BTC to his purse for MUSD but he ripped me off.
  7. thechoosen1 - choosen1@creep.im

    Thanks bro. I hope DIRECTOR have been put to shame now . I await my MUSD to be funded soon. Добавлено через 43 минуты 14 секунд Here = https://prnt.sc/jjsbrg
  8. thechoosen1 - choosen1@creep.im

    Make here is the screen shot from my btc address of the transaction between me and DIRECTOR. https://prnt.sc/jjsbjo
  9. thechoosen1 - choosen1@creep.im

    Admin Mark I was away for a while, sorry for the delay. This is a verified chat log I had with him : ниже логи с его жабой - thechoosen1@yax.im четверг, 17 мая 2018 г. thechoosen1@yax.im 22:55:56 Let's deal in forum pm 555777 22:56:44 what currency are you giving? thechoosen1@yax.im 22:57:04 USD 555777 22:57:21 btc? wmz? thechoosen1@yax.im 22:57:54 Btc 555777 22:58:23 450 5% = 472,5 = 0,05779898 22:58:42 ok? 14:15:23 пятница, 18 мая 2018 г. thechoosen1@yax.im 14:15:23 Here ? thechoosen1@yax.im 15:16:18 Bro u there ? 555777 15:16:59 yes thechoosen1@yax.im 15:25:08 My mussd not added yet But at my own end I was unable to retrieve the chat log due to the issue I have with jabber on my mobile but I can confirm to you that the chat log posted above is genuine between me and director but the chat log he posted below which I am also attaching is fake and not from me, it is either he forget the chat log a scammer used a fake jabber which seem like mine jabber to deceive him. Admin since DIRECTOR have chat log in place can he please screen shot the chat log showing continuation of the chat I had with him the one he pasted saying I came back requesting for return of BTC ? It is obvious both chat history is not from same jabber account because after waiting for my musd to be credited for many hours he didnt respond I had to write him on jabber asking why the delay which he told me he already returned my btc wtf! These are screen shot of my communication with him on pm and that of the BTC I sent to him . https://prnt.sc/jjsbz9 Добавлено через 1 минуту 21 секунду https://prnt.sc/jjsbrg Добавлено через 26 секунд https://prnt.sc/jjsbjo it is obvious DIRECTOR ripped me off or he was deceived by a cloned jabber , looking at the fake chat log he said i contacted him saying I was writing him from PC and he didn't verify the identity he foolish went and sent my BTC to a clone of his. I sent BTC for MUSD not for any other purpose so why would a cloned jabber contact him for refund and he accepted without thinking with his brain and he never verified if I was the one or not requesting for refund . Admin await your findings ,more especially I will like a screen shot showing the continuation between the chat logI verified and the one I called fake cos if if it is my jabber address that sent him the message asking for refund it should be in the same chat window.
  10. thechoosen1 - choosen1@creep.im

    Stay off this cos this is not a topic of review . It is either you are a clone of DIRECTOR or he bribed you to give positive feedback about his credibility after him ripping me off. Добавлено через 1 минуту 23 секунды Both of you responded same time and this thread have been on for the pas couple of days and him the RIPPER have been coming online but not respond to the thread until he got a backup from you. Добавлено через 5 минут 20 секунд Thanks bro for your credibility. Ripping not good in this game. He claimed that I asked for refund on jabber while we did wallet exchange via pm why did he now responded to a strange message from a cloned jabber account demanding refund of the BTC without him writing me pm to confirm the genuineness of the request rather he went and sent btc to himself or his clone as the case may be. Добавлено через 6 минут 4 секунды I don't speak Russian but I have used translator to translate but still not clear. You know DIRECTOR is a ripper. He ripped me off claiming I added him with a second jabber account asking him to return the btc I sent to him for exchange into MUSD. His story is clear he is a ripper , our transaction was via forum pm and now a stranger with a clone jabber ID contacted you on jabber asking you to return the BTC to him and he did sent to the person without writing me pm in forum to confirm. c;mon bro...... a ten yo old boy will not even believe this. Добавлено через 22 минуты 43 секунды I am not good in Russian language but I think I can pick up few point from google translator. My transaction verification for MUSD was via forum PM which I did for verificaton purpose by making sure you send the BTC address by PM in order for me to confirm was dealing with the correct person. My purpose of sending you BTC was for MUSD credit into my crd forum account, we negotiated in pm I transfered BTC to you for funding my MUSD you received BTC and I was expecting you to fund me which you never did . All you got to do is to come back telling that someone contacted you on jabber which you thought I was the one and instructed you to re transfer the BTC into his desired BTC address and you carried out the transaction without contacting me on forum PM to know if I was being impersonated by a clone as you claimed or not . You foolishly sent back my BTC to the clone /stranger ..............C'mon bro......How could you tell me such fallacy? Do you feed from your asshole? Take an airline for example when you buy a ticket and decide not to travel by asking for refund , the airline will make sure they send the refund via the method of payment previously used in purchasing such ticket so as to make sure the refund is not fraudulent but in your own case you did as you wanted as you claimed . You should have verified such refund by contacting me in PM which you know I verified if you were the one I was dealing with on jabber while I was talking to you on android application. You should have also make sure if at all you wanna refund the BTC again you return it to the same BTC address which was where the money came from. All these your excuses will not save you because you are just beating around the bush cos admin is a honest and straight forward team, they will have no sentiment but rather make judgment with honesty and sincerity . Fund my MUSD and stop all these child play. Добавлено через 3 минуты 42 секунды 7777 back off if you know nothing to say. @Supermoderator thumbs up . Lets keep crdclub free from rippers.
  11. thechoosen1 - choosen1@creep.im

    I have contacted him. How will someone fake my jabber and ask him to send my btc to him (strange btc address) and he accepted and sent my btc which we both transacted on forum pm for for musd ? Why he no write me pm in forum to verify if I was the one asking for return of the btc ? Director don't lie me, please fund my musd .
  12. thechoosen1 - choosen1@creep.im

    Mak director with profile link https://crdclub.ws/member.php?u=245 is yet to upload my musd which i paid him 0.059409 BTC for MUSD he received my btc and never funded me but later came back on jabber saying somone wrote himqith my clone jabber account and asked him to return the BTC to another BTC account. I contacted him on PM and collected his BTC address via pm for security reason so as to make sure I was dealing with the right person. Why now someone contacted him on jabber and asked him to send the btc i gave him for MUSD funding to another BTC account he didnt write me PM to confirm If i was the one. So much lies. Admin Mak please tell him to fund my MUSD. you can see our conversation in pm and also my BTC transfer screen shot I sent to his BTC address he sent to me on PM. Добавлено через 55 секунд Добавлено через 50 секунд https://prnt.sc/jjsbz9 Добавлено через 1 минуту 21 секунду https://prnt.sc/jjsbrg Добавлено через 26 секунд https://prnt.sc/jjsbjo
  13. WU in USA

    Check pm brother.