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  1. One question please help

    I will advice you get high limit Bin, so you can always be sure. bins like platinum, signature, gold has got pretty good credit limits
  2. eBay 2018 , not cardable anymore?

    ALL stores are cardable, as long they still accept "normal" buyers
  3. Stupid question easy answer

    You can't use a cc on an ATM man , you need a dump for that
  4. Mobile carding setup

    If you are not using your home or any network that can be linked to you
  5. Mobile carding setup

    You need Vpn for your own security, Which should be the most important thing to you. And also you need to use socks with state of cc owner if possible city
  6. Always hitting VBV ? What am i doing wrong?

    simple use a non VBV cc
  7. SHARE - premium spotify accounts

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  8. need phone accounts

    what phone? or you mean network, ATT et all, be explicit when asking for help
  9. Spam partner

    what do you have to offer? cashout or what exactly?

    Carding is more than just buying ccs, What is your setup like ? which stores have you been trying? which country?
  11. New to the game / Forums - Requesting Trainer

    so am in a good moood (profitable week) so am give a litte crash course.. To begin with, What is carding? Carding simple means buying/shopping for goods and items with cc(credit card) there are 2 types of caring Online and Instore. I will talk more on Online, since this is my forte For a success full carding , alot is involve, 1. Valid CC - you need a valid credit card for any carding operation, you can get from shops or some vendors, good shops, include feshop, jstash, yalelodge etc. You need to understand what BIN is (the first 6 digit of any credit card). you can use a bin to recognize A. type(master,visa, discover, amex) B. issuer bank (might be , citibank, HSBC etc) C. level (either debit or credit, then either signatture ,platinuium, gold , standard, purchasing etc) D. Vbv/Mcsc (Verified by visa / master card secure code) some bins are non VBV NOTE 1 : some bin work better for a particular store, E.g UCO india Bins works pretty well for Amazon, Hsbc works perfect for skrill, woodforest bins works awesomely for NIKE. you just have to test yourself, Do your own research. you learning by trying some times in this games. 2. Securtiy setup - when carding, we want our carding setup to be same or almost thesame with a regualr shopper.i.e we have to imitate a "real" shopper. These stores have different mechanism to fish out unreal users/ fradulent users (which we are ), we just have to be smarter than there systems by doing these 2a : Always use a VPN, no matter what , DO NOT CARD WITH YOUR PERSONAL NETWORK, use a VPN , don't be dumb. Infact i recommend using Tails Live OS. Some stores security could easily be by bypassed by VPN,while much more can't be so you might need to use A RDP/SOCKS When carding you need to use the closest IP to the cc info you have. You don't want to be using a credit card with billing address in California on a IP of Washington. if possible use the same city, 2b. Do not card to your personal address, use a drop. To be continued later, Tired, comment if you want me to continue ---------------------------------------- icq : 694086649
  12. How do carders do it?

    What exactly is your problem bro? you got botnets, fresh rdps, fresh fullz and drops and you are not making money? something is definitely wrong somewhere
  13. Uk cc No state?

    use ssndob.cm
  14. Website Blacklisted - "Deceptive site ahead"

    easy bro ... Use a cpanel as the main server, where your page is hosted. (have a backup) , then have other cpanel to serve as a redirect. change the server cpanel immediately it get bad, you wouldn't need to change the redirect cpanel, and your link wouldn't be affected. Hope you get it.. ---------------------------------- icq : 694086649

    Your question is not clear, Do you mean you need where you can buy german cc? if yea, feshop, jstash have in stock. It better you use same cc with drop country .