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  1. group only emv softwares not sales

    forbidden sales of any kind just discussions about emv https://icq.com/chat/AoLEmKklgjTKbycgTEU only questions about emv
  2. Looking for someone from Brazil or South America

    Looking for someone from Brazil or South America who works or has CVV to partner I can help with EMV or with dumps with pin my icq 729750321
  3. Looking for partners who work with spam, fake screen or DNS, I own IFRAME that can change the IP of the modems and routers that can redirect to another IP, if you work with this contact me I can help with more pin dumps or with the EMV! 729750321
  4. hi i working with emv

    hello everyone I work with emv and would like to meet people who also work with this to share knowledge who want to share knowledge add ic q729750321
  5. There's someone here from Brazil

    Is there anyone here who works with DNS or fake pages? I have some tools we could do some partnerships icq 729750321
  6. Looking for partners working with CC

    I live in Brazil and I have POS that accepts only the 16 numbers of the card the expiration date and the CVV, if you have good cc contact me we can do some partnership can I pay 50-50 and can help with the EMV or dumps more pin from Brazil , Colombia and Mexico! My ICQ 729750321:Está bem: