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  1. KardinalNagl - alex777666@jabbka.ru

    what shit ur providing daily to people. dont trust this fucker. if opposite person will say he would beg for usd. bro this guy have too many clone account
  2. Zelle

    dont trust this fucker , he dont know this game having multiple clone account g,jabber
  3. http://crdclub4wraumez4.onion/showth...059#post187059 nick name-Public
  4. i am leomafia moderater, see complete chat of other then decide think bro (6:31:18 PM) coffeecc@exploit.im: 101 (6:31:22 PM) coffeecc@exploit.im: you cashout?? (6:31:26 PM) leo129@jabbim.cz/1309976303808468172992835273: yes (6:31:33 PM) coffeecc@exploit.im: instant??? (6:31:34 PM) coffeecc@exploit.im: now (6:31:36 PM) coffeecc@exploit.im: ??? (6:31:40 PM) leo129@jabbim.cz/1309976303808468172992835273: instant (6:31:41 PM) coffeecc@exploit.im: i have fresh base (6:31:45 PM) leo129@jabbim.cz/1309976303808468172992835273: ok (6:31:49 PM) coffeecc@exploit.im: 3000 pcs (6:32:02 PM) leo129@jabbim.cz/1309976303808468172992835273: which country bro (6:32:18 PM) coffeecc@exploit.im: usa brasil (6:32:18 PM) leo129@jabbim.cz/1309976303808468172992835273: japan 101 or 201 both good (6:32:21 PM) coffeecc@exploit.im: japan (6:32:24 PM) coffeecc@exploit.im: china (6:32:28 PM) leo129@jabbim.cz/1309976303808468172992835273: ok (6:32:29 PM) coffeecc@exploit.im: 4390270001077857=19072011624683200000 (6:32:31 PM) coffeecc@exploit.im: go (6:33:02 PM) coffeecc@exploit.im: 4980016713504597=22122010000068300000 (6:36:39 PM) coffeecc@exploit.im: how many time you need??? (6:36:44 PM) leo129@jabbim.cz/1309976303808468172992835273: 4390270001077857=19072011624683200000=do not honour (6:38:41 PM) leo129@jabbim.cz/1309976303808468172992835273: 4980016713504597=22122010000068300000- do not honour (6:39:06 PM) coffeecc@exploit.im: all fresh (6:39:24 PM) leo129@jabbim.cz/1309976303808468172992835273: bro wait (6:39:38 PM) leo129@jabbim.cz/1309976303808468172992835273: i give bin opened now in my country (6:40:14 PM) leo129@jabbim.cz/1309976303808468172992835273: 454190 (6:40:28 PM) leo129@jabbim.cz/1309976303808468172992835273: 50k multi bro (6:42:07 PM) leo129@jabbim.cz/1309976303808468172992835273: r u there bro (6:42:45 PM) coffeecc@exploit.im: lol (6:43:19 PM) coffeecc@exploit.im: you is a god wihses (6:43:24 PM) coffeecc@exploit.im: you ripper (6:43:31 PM) leo129@jabbim.cz/1309976303808468172992835273: come on vedeo (6:43:40 PM) leo129@jabbim.cz/1309976303808468172992835273: dont accuse me (6:44:08 PM) leo129@jabbim.cz/1309976303808468172992835273: i need daily
  5. !!! NEED cashout WU Anyname in USA

    first cashout service only for verified people,but admin doest ban this fucker bcoz he posting russian language, people year 1 year plus they they dont get 1 plus after giving good service for ur member(march he has joined) 2 in in month.bcoz this mother fucker too many clone account put plus for himself TomBrownJm respectable member of ur forum Said this ripping technic tempting with one or dumps, instant ask for deposit, his dumps will not work 100%,all freebie dump .
  6. !!! NEED cashout WU Anyname in USA

    dont trust guy , he beg for usd
  7. dont trust this fucker, u will scam ur thread