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  1. skimming and writing dumps

    how can he cashout 201 without writing chip? reason i asked is becuase i read that 201 dumps credit card without pin are used to go shopping but they burn the chip to do that. so i thought that 201s would have problems at the atm. anyway thanks for answering. i needed to know if 201s with pin are withdrawble..
  2. skimming and writing dumps

    if someone mounts a skimmer somewhere in europe, will he get mostly 201 cards? if this person has 201 cards with pin can he cash out at atm? please answer me here or by pm
  3. what to do with vbv

    i would like to know too, bump. i think some people do it by calling the bank and changing the phone number.
  4. russian hosting provider bitcoin

    i can point you out to a safe non dmca russian hosting (everything allowed except cp) for 10 $ btc
  5. i configure botnets and provide hosting

    i can provide cheap quality hosting: russian non dmca anything allowed except cp. contact: pm me for new jabber
  6. amex centurion cashout

    so i bought this amex centurion fullz, problem is cant check the card with porn site or webcam site as none accept amex. i found a btc exchange that accepted amex and other cc s without id scans but when i try to do verification i get bad gateway, even tried without socks and antidetect to see if it was faster, still get bad gateway. tried with a generated visa, still get bad gateway. i tried looking for buying gift cards, no website i found accepst amex. i dont know if my fullz is dead i cant check it. what can i do to check an amex card without killing it? drops are out of the question for me i live in big city not outside
  7. Supr3me Botshop/Loads/Installs/Traffic

    whats % on rig with your traffic?
  8. MagicBot Service -Bot/Installs/Loads

    is it still valid?
  9. loads

    isnt agressor on exploit.in too? or maybe its a different guy. anyway way too fuking expensive. thank you for answering though
  10. loads

    im looking for autoshop for bots, i think in russian it translates to bot exchange, i see on russian forum posts about this but no one links
  11. loads

    need loads from reliable autoshop. can someone post invite or link?
  12. ищу магазин бот-сети, я хочу купить