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  1. Carding Gift CArds UK

    633782426 free advice here
  2. Teach me to harvest my own cvv

    whats your icq or jabber? lets chat
  3. Buying/Cashing Out Germany AMEX

    buying buying buying!!!!
  4. Buying/Cashing Out Germany AMEX

    lol you have been a toxic broke retard and everyone hates you here and calls you a ripper your deals are immaginary,so as your false accusations my icq is 633782426, dickhead Im asking for someone to buy cards from and im offering the % as a additional bonus,therefore go a shove your retarded ass opinion deep inside your broke nigerian ass
  5. Buying/Cashing Out Germany AMEX

  6. Buying/Cashing Out Germany AMEX

    are you mentally handicaped bro? shuld I deposit 2-3k euro for 1 cvv that is worth 10-20$??? DD I am loking for a cvv vendor from which I will buy cards and if everything goes well, I will send them a % for nothing! So keep your broke retard mouth shut,thanks
  7. Buying/Cashing Out Germany AMEX

    i can pay you for the cvv and send you % after, im done with my work, lets start with 1-2 cards,fine? Добавлено через 1 час 9 минут 58 секунд buying cards from you and sending a % after im done with my job )) can do several cards daily easy..
  8. Buying/Cashing Out Germany AMEX

    Can anyone recommend a good spot or seller to buy german AMEX cvv? I can pikcup anyname there,so cashout is not a issue.. Prefferably buying, but we can work on % too.. As well, if interested offering any name drops in UK and Germany.
  9. Кто лучше или где брать сс/dump

    kakoj link хта shop?
  10. как тут жить

    po4emu ne israel?))))
  11. дропы DE

    633782426 any name any address drops in Berlin
  12. Nuzhno EU CVV,est shopi bez 3d

    Privet, ребят! est harowie shopi bez 3d v Europe, esli mozhesh pomo4 s harowim materialom, budu platit za ego i ewo 30% ot varki poluchesh )))
  13. o4enj nado germanskie and FRA cvv.. ICQ 633782426
  14. Куплю GER i FRA CVV

    est harowie shopi ili vendori? pizdec kak nado ))))
  15. Куплю GER i FRA CVV

    Куплю GER i FRA CVV, dorogo!! 633782426