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  1. when carder?

    I agree with cykablyat. He's right. Exactly man. You can card at any day of the month and the security of a site will always be the same.
  2. Former members of Ground Zero, eXodus and Apex

    Here I am. I was registered under different usernames there , though.
  3. Andromeda Botnet

    I don't even see the point of giving me negative reputations. Also , I said I'm a seller and I know many russians. I joined some hacking forums and there were many source codes of Andromeda botnet , kins botnet , keyloggers and much more. I can understand russian , but I only have some basics of speaking it.
  4. Andromeda Botnet

    Sure , I can manage to do those. Mainly trojans though.
  5. Andromeda Botnet

    who knows lol
  6. Andromeda Botnet

  7. Andromeda Botnet

    Yeah , exactly. I was a seller before and I didn't read about it being dismantled. It may sound weird , but really, I did not know that.
  8. Andromeda Botnet

    I actually did not know about it being dismantled. Also , why should i be a cop? Don't throw false allegations if you can't provide proof of what you say. I've been a developer of many malwares and it's ridicolous someone's calling me a cop for selling my own services! By the way , thanks for letting me know.
  9. Andromeda Botnet

    Here is the screen of the page where you can manage bots: http://filesto37i2x5dea.onion/uploads/botnet.png
  10. Andromeda Botnet

    I do not speak russian.
  11. Andromeda Botnet

    I'm a coder and malware writer and I'm selling permanently the Andromeda Botnet. About the botnet features: - Written in ASM / C++ - Universal modular bot . On the basis of this product, you can build a botnet infinitely diverse opportunities . Bot function is expanded with the help of plug-ins that can be loaded into the right quantity and at any time. - Do not limited by the number of backup support domains. - Protocol for exchanging data between the bot and the admin is encrypted using RC4. - Modular . You can convert your own botnet for your needs at any time. - The system does not agresiven for installation does not require administrator rights , UAC window pops up . - Protect yourself not prepared the user can not remove the bot from the system. - Bypasses firewalls not palitsya in the processes used to inject a trusted process . - He throws himself from any DLL, contains no TLS, easy crypto . - Is not dependent on the success of the original installation exe deleted. - Works on the line from WinXP to Win8 including x64 systems . - Small size, completely written in assembler. Control Panel : - Is written in PHP with MySQL. - Definition bots beyond NAT. - Counting statistics botnet . Bots online / offline bots / bots dead / statistics by country / statistics on the platforms . - Counting the number of completed / not completed tasks . - You can set a limit on the number of assignments. - You can give a specific job bot. - The distribution of tasks across countries. - Remove all stats / removing dead bots from the database. Payment via BTC. Price: 250 USD. Contact: cyka@exploit.im **Serious inquiries only. No time wasters.