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  1. NIKE SCAM METHOD Lol Lets Enjoy ! ! !

    thank you great method
  2. bin 440066 useful?

    great BIN use it all the time
  3. 2019 WalMart Bin ! ! !

    cant find any of those bins on unicc shop
  4. WU Transfers

    if your knew you really want to start with easier stuff like carding clothes or maybe some online services. WU is not easy by all means
  5. Online Carding

    walmart is tight really tight, even if everything is ok they can cancel order for pickup or shipping, its a hassle tbh
  6. I need a partner with cards from mexico

    got jabber?
  7. Need help with non vbv USA bin

    ill get my list back soon and upload a couple for you

    add me on jabber i got a nice list
  9. Attraction tickets

    six flags, knotts, universal studios, lego land USA only
  10. how much can u earn carding?

    much stuff 2 card and make $ out of, just need to get your clients or client, everything can be sold, you would not believe it but at the right price they'll take it