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  1. ICQ compromised Again! please help! :(

    this is not carding forum? if carding dead...what this forum for? ??
  2. MaDma, im not interested about this !! i dont have time even for this. i have other important work to do !!
  3. still llooking for good Undertakers: you will get your own website and projects,all you have to do is just promote this. - and spread and get good results
  4. I need partner who will promote my crypto btc bch ethereum and other kind of crypto projects,including ico-s lotteries and etc. im looking for GOAL ORIENTED HARD WORKING,LONG TERM PARTNERS !!
  5. i need partner we share % scams

    im looking partner who can get traffic not just traffic but will attract victims into scam sites. your part will be just to make sure to spread my websites im looking for long term and with right person we can share 50/50 i hope to find the right partner no kids ! contact pm first.
  6. Bitcoin sucks we need alternatives

    all what we hope is bch and ethereum will be not fucked up with high fees too like bitcoins - !!
  7. Bitcoin sucks we need alternatives

    ethereum! and ETH,price will reach high soon.
  8. Configuring servers and botnets

    botnet is old scheme! im still surprised people work with this?
  9. Juug Laws

    Golden Rules: try many things ,after make conclusion what you did best, then learn more about this,and do it more. try to focus on one specific area of work most important is to get good helpers. you need good Team and partners whos good with other things ,dont be greedy share and receive. Main Problem is that what ever you do you need other people !! Every other humen body is like walking dollar bill-dont for get that Most important is to be good in your area of the expertise and connect with others who can provide something good too. Everybody has some talents some people are with communicate with people,some are good with coding , When talented Partners MErge together their skills then result is success as team. Try to think about long term !! talk less and do more