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13 Good
  1. Admin pls give him ripper status, i thought he wanted to send my money but it turns out he only wanted to write that comment so that he can trick the people he is currently working with that his not a ripper, He has blocked me on icq. NOTE: If you are working with this guy you need to stop working with him because he will rip you 100% He might be paying your share on 1-5k transaction but he is only tricking you to give him bigger transaction, once you give him he will rip you, learn from my experience and dont be a victim... I know you will come back to read this comment when he finally rips you and say i warned you. He is just another Indian ripper, you wonder why people dont want to work with indians? because they are rippers His other icq is 654256070 and his Telegram is @streetbell99. His name on Omerta is Steve07
  2. How long does it take to send money that you have received for so long? What is the delay again?
  3. I have informed him, he lied the same old ripper story of someone getting arrested when i reminded him that I didnot put money in the account of the person he claimed was arrested he changed his story and told me to give him till Monday 6pm India time because he is from India. I have all the proof that money was cashed.
  4. hitman07 http://crdclub4wraumez4.onion/member.php?u=6274 [email protected] $17,700 This guy has cashed out my transfer of $17,700 since 2days ago, he has refused to come online on icq but he is visiting forum. Dont deal with him until he gives me my money. He might have turn ripper. Dont be a victim too
  5. im newbie. help me please

    stop using vip72 shitty socks
  6. i need serious help and advice about canada logins

    What else can they see? Can you tell us pls
  7. Need Canada bank drops for EMT transfers

    PM me if you can provide steady bank drops for EMT transfers. send your icq or jabber. You must have online details
  8. do you sell Canada drop too? I want to buy
  9. Who is from Aussie here? i need bank drops. Only people in Aussie should contact me
  10. I need a smart hustler from Australia and can provide australia bank drops for cash deposit and transfers. pm me your jabber
  11. Lixkill - @Nealairforce

    Shut up you ripping piece of shit