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  1. deep insert for gas station Esso,Shell and Total

    how can you ingore that?? many ppl are new in forums and they just look on or - reputation.i m not here to detect witch and why have multiple account...i rely dont care.but when i am attacked about 1 person with 10 account and put me - reputation all whit out any fucking reason.that make me crazy,so i think yes 100 or 200$ for registration for sure will make forum better and with more trusted ppl....but is not our business that...
  2. deep insert for gas station Esso,Shell and Total

    no1.forget about that ,dumping and blackmass its the only 1 who sell the skimmers.and dumping have his own way to skimm chip.he is the GOD of skimmer.buy whit all trust from him! Добавлено через 4 минуты 18 секунд omertshit agree admin not involved 100% in forum but at least ppl pay for registration 100.and like that we can hope not all kid have many many clone account!!!! here i see many members daily with 2019 registration date 2 post and 3 to reputation!!! so fuck yourself!!!! i m in crdclub before he have change the admin or domain,but same platform.in 2014 was same platform .from 2016 if i m not wrong admin change domain and was a new start for crdclub forum! i m here with same name from long long time then you and never ever have any fucking 1 blacklist against me!!!! so suck yourself
  3. deep insert for gas station Esso,Shell and Total

    )))) you are so stupid kid.hey blackass take your skimmer,make it round. It's plastic and I'm sure it bends and push it very hard in your ass kid
  4. deep insert for gas station Esso,Shell and Total

    you can suck my dick with you emty insert.i already make my own from scratch!!!! so dont wary i m not here to fuck your scam advertise,i realy dont care.and who care what a -50 reutation say?? so good luck
  5. deep insert for gas station Esso,Shell and Total

    Stiga, no all rat stiga but all you have many clones thats sure! i m not here to sell anything just to read news .bcz its clear you can not trust in any member with reputation!!i can not trust also in member with verified vendor status like dumping!
  6. deep insert for gas station Esso,Shell and Total

    i didnt say nothing about good or bad forum,i just say the only real seller of real insert skimmer its there!that all.all this clone of 1 seller they dont know anything about what they do!and sell nothing!!!! they have all allot of clone which rise reputation and put 0 reputation to every one who answer them!!! so put - to me i rely dont care!!!you guys you will never ever see a blacklist against me,but i will guaranty will see in future blacklist against this insert skimmer sellers from this forum!!!!! lets leave time to decide if im wrong.until them put me ------- to my reputation
  7. deep insert for gas station Esso,Shell and Total

    use escrowe service for any deal!!!!this is very strange .he and also dumping!!!! the only 1 real seller of skimmer this days is on other forum omer.... rest of them they realy dont know what about they talk... take care!
  8. deep insert for gas station Esso,Shell and Total

    i buy a emty set if you agree when you want just tell me!and pls show us video if you have with insert on gas pump in PM
  9. how to check balance of cc

    hello guys .who can help me how to check balance of cc whit out killing cc? I'm interested to find the balance but to stay alive after checking the balance for another week.bcz only then i use it.need this time to buy and embossed card!
  10. otp bypass

    i m interested to if anyone can by pass OTP
  11. EU DUMPS T2 + PIN

    YES , Sainsbury's ATM s
  12. tap and pay instore

    how much bin of nfc hit guys??? and whats the app for cc??
  13. tap and pay instore

    anyone can help me with some info.what i need to pay to do tap and pay? i have store ready who let me to tap not to swipe?any answer will help me.i can pay or ready to work with some1
  14. ....................

    me.and they are not honest .i got the rfid usb reader and is not read correctly the track..and they didnt solve my problem

    how you by pass vbv and otp?