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  1. if u can do all u say here, work for u big mouth , if u really want good contracts and money, break my email address and let me know when u finish this my e-mail tmtmx@protonmail.com when u finish u will get 1k
  2. cc cashout site

    i can bet you are another indian morron
  3. cc cashout site

    yeah and after 48h you will come back and say bank bblock the money...like all other rippers, nice joke dude
  4. WICH DUMPS vendor?? i need good dumps!

    pax contact me tmtmx@jabb3r.org
  5. Cashier in Poland is looking for D+P

    tmtmx@jabb3r.org write me only if u want to buy dumps+pin im not interested for % , because most of time cashiers say wait 2 days the money hit my bank account and after 2 days another stories "im sorry sir the bank has block the money....so i dont waste my dumps for your tests , my job is to provide u quality and valid dumps+pin.
  6. manuel pos

    tmtmx@jabb3r.org , write me if u need good dumps (d+p) , if u want to deal for % im not interested, i provide u valid and quality dumps so u have to pay for them, because i dont want to hear stories about "sir money has been blocked" is your pos is your bussiness that , i already tryed and hear that stories manny times. if u agree you are my guest
  7. Looking for a partner - Dumps

    tmtmx@jabb3r.org , write me and let's talk for a deal
  8. d+p 201 cashier need

    i need legit person to deal with in dumps bussiness. i can provide skimmed 2xx dumps with pin , all i need is someone who know this kind of bussiness, who is fast and legit with cashing out my dumps and sending my cut. contact me at : tmtmx@jabb3r.org have a good day fellas dont msg me if u are not verified in forums or nobody can vouch for u...if u have no reputation deposit required $500
  9. EU ATM cash-out

    if your card is 101 u will need only mag strip and pin , if u try to use 201 write on magstripe atm will not accept they are chip-reader instaled...