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  1. Looking to buy a plastic cc

    Looking to buy a plastic cc, whit 800$ prepaid or Naruto. Who have good rep or know any good site pm me or comment down below
  2. Buy skimmer from ebay !

    maxmalesya, I saw u in many threds in RealLife carding. can u tell me where can i get best cloned/prepaid ccs? (PM me pls )
  3. where can i get an psychic

    I serch a lot of sites to order an psyhic card. Prepaid, or cloned, im more interested for prepaid. If u know any site whit good vouches and legit and well know pm me please Have a good day
  4. Need help

    Hey guys, i need help for some ccs and for some tutorials offered by a pro in carding for free . I want to card some nitro for discord or some money. But i didn t know how . If someone have a good heart for helping newbe's please pm me on forum I'll be due.