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  1. Selling Coinbase Accounts

    Hello, since I am unable to find any legit Coinbase loaders who won't run with my money, I am forced to sell my Coinbase Canadian accounts to anyone who wants to buy them. I have the following to sell: 1.5k limit CAD - selling for $80 3k limit CAD - selling for $200 4.5k limit CAD selling for $300 All of these accounts are fully verified, have a CC attached and have never had any attempted fraudulent transactions. I created these accounts using real profiles back when Coinbase was giving away free money with their EARN promotions. Since then I have been funnelling money between them to get the limits raised higher. I will give you email access as well. No 2FA on any of them so you can add that yourself or I can add it for you. I accept escrow and do not mind going first with reputable member. Remember these are Canadian Coinbase accounts not USD or UK. Canada. Thank you.

    PirateZorro, is a ripper, no one give him any of your Coinbase accts. I showed him proof of 3 of my Coinbase accts, 1.5k, 3k and 4.5k limits. I didn't even ask him for escrow at first because I wanted to test his method with my 1.5k limit and if that worked we can do the 3k and 4.5k. Immediately you makes up some stupid story that he can only load the 3k and up limit ones. So now I am very, very suspicious of him so I ask him for escrow. He spent the entire day yesterday bragging to me how he makes 100k a month so he should easily be able to afford escrow. He refuse escrow! Proof from Telegram: ME So you refuse escrow then? PirateZorro I am not forcing you to load your coinbase man... If you do not trust me .. that fine Keep the coinbase ME Ok cool you refuse escrow Добавлено через 6 минут 58 секунд Yes, my friend lesson learned. I did not get ripped but I was willing to give him my 1.5k limit acct upfront and I am glad his greedy ripper paws was more hungry for my 3k acct because then he exposed himself as a ripper when you refuse escrow but brags about making $100k per month. If any human make 100k per month in fraud they have ZERO problem even buying coinbase account outright much less deposit into safe escrow. How you make 100k per month but want workers to trust you first? Stupid idiot ripper PirateZorro

    Would you be willing to put say $400 CAD in escrow? Reason I ask is because I got ripped giving one of my Coinbase Canadian accounts to a loader on ICQ recently. I had 4 coinbase accounts (2x 1.5k limits, 1x 3k limit, 1x 4.5k limit) and I gave him one of my $1.5k limit accounts, I removed 2FA and he took the account and he cashed out all the bitcoin he was able to get and did not send me anything. He told me not to log into the account as it would detect 2 IPs from different places and it would lock the account so I did not check. He was able to purchase $900 in bitcoin and he never paid me $1. Thank god I did not give him my higher limit Coinbase account for the first one. I now have 1.5k limit, 3k limit and 4.5k limit accounts. All verified, all have cards linked to them. Let me know whats up.
  4. Cashout bitcoins loading coinbase

    How can guarantee you will not run with the btc after you load it?